Aaron Dembski-Bowden – Massacre Audiobook

Aaron Dembski-Bowden – Massacre Audiobook (The Horus Heresy Series)

Aaron Dembski-Bowden - Massacre Audio Book Stream
Massacre Audiobook

All we desired was to be laid off.

Step far from that xeno creature, Captain Demeter, claimed a chilly voice behind him.

Solomon transformed and saw the imposing form of Fulgrim standing in the smoke wreathed opening he had actually blown in the bridge wall surface. Behind the primarch, he saw Julius, his face a mask of blood, and also Solomon really felt a shudder of anxiousness at the expressions of glacial anger he saw in both their eyes.

Fulgrim strode onto the bridge, his sword as well as armour drenched in alien gore, as well as his eyes wild with the fury of battle. He surveyed the captured bridge, and then looked up at the domed ceiling, where the fires of battle reflected dully on his opaque, dark eyes.

Solomon stepped down from the system as well as said, The ship is ours, my lord.

Fulgrim overlooked him as well as spun on his heel, marching from the bridge without a word.

FULGRIM FOUGHT TO manage his fierceness as he marched far from the bridge, the blood battering in his head with such force that he feared it could rupture via anytime. Massacre Audiobook Free. His warriors split before him, seeing his clenched fists squeezed and the blood vessels in his face pulsing darkly against his alabaster skin.

A purple fire built in his eyes, and a flow of blood dripped from his nose as he gripped the handle of his silver sword tightly.

This was to have been his greatest victory!

Currently it is destroyed! Initially by Ferrus Claw, and after that by Solomon Demeter.

No! he yelled, and also close-by Astartes flinched at his abrupt outburst to the air. The Hand of Iron conserved us from destruction, as well as Captain Demeter fought with guts to win the honour of reaching the bridge!

Conserved us? No, it was for his own self-aggrandisement that Ferrus Claw protected against the devastation of the Firebird, not for selflessness, and Demeter … he wishes for splendor that should be yours.

Fulgrim shook his head and went down to his knees.

No, he murmured. I can t think it.

It is the fact, Fulgrim, and also you recognize it. In your heart of hearts you understand it.
AMIDST THE EMPTY gets to of room, a pinprick of light shone like a jewel upon a pall of velour, a mournful glow shed in the wilderness it travelled via. It was a ship, though not a ship that would certainly be acknowledged by any kind of but one of the most persistent remembrancer that had searched the depths of the Emperor s Librarium Sanctus on Terra for references to the lost eldar civilisation.

The mighty ship was a craftworld, as well as it possessed a poise that human shipwrights could just imagine. Its enormous length was made from a material that looked like yellowed bone, and also its form was much more comparable to something that had expanded rather than been constructed. Gemlike domes mirrored the weak starlight, and an inner brilliance glimmered like phosphorus through their semi-transparent surfaces.

Graceful minarets rose in scattered cream color collections, their conical tops shining gold and silver, as well as vast spires of bone swept from the vessel s flanks where a fleet of classy ships like ancient sea galleons was anchored. Huge combinations of wondrously designed habitations hold on to the surface area of the magnificent craftworld, and a host of twinkling lights defined attractive traceries via the cities.

A great sail of gold and black soared above the mighty vessel s body, rippling in the excellent wind as it plied its lonely course. Aaron Dembski-Bowden – Massacre Audio Book Online. The craftworld took a trip alone, its stately progression through the stars like the last peregrination of a senior thespian prior to his final curtain.

Lost in the magnitude of room, the craftworld floated in utter isolation. No star-shine brightened its smooth towers, and also far-off from the warmth of sun or earth, its domes looked right into the darkness of void.

Few beyond those that lived lengthy and also melancholy lives aboard the graceful space-city might know that it was residence to the few survivors of worlds abandoned aeons ago amidst distressing damage. Upon this craftworld dwelled the eldar, a race almost vanished, the last remnants of an individuals that had as soon as ruled the galaxy and also whose mere desires had actually rescinded worlds as well as quenched suns.

THE INTERIOR OF the best dome upon the craftworld s surface gleamed with a pallid glow, its clarity confining a multitude of crystal trees that stood underneath the light of lengthy dead stars. Smooth paths wove through the glittering woodland, their training courses unidentified to also those who trod them. A silent tune resembled with the dome, unheard as well as undetectable, but achingly yearned for upon its lack. The ghosts old previous and ages yet to come filled up the dome, for it was a place of death and, perversely, a location of immortality.

A lonely figure sat cross-legged in the centre of the woodland, a place of darkness among the radiant crystal trees.

Eldrad Ulthran, Farseer of Craftworld Ulthwé smiled wistfully as the songs of lengthy dead seers loaded his heart with joy and also despair in equivalent step. His smooth features were long and also angular, his bright eyes slim and oblong. Dark hair brushed up over his conical, elegant ears, gathered at the neck of his neck in a lengthy scalp lock.