Alec Worley – Dredge Runners Audiobook

Alec Worley – Dredge Runners (Warhammer Crime) Audiobook

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Dredge Runners Audiobook




The dwarf cannon crews pushed a heavily stuffed wagon towards the sideways shaft. It was packed with blackpowder barrels as well as pet crates of cannon shot. A smaller wagon turned out behind it, stacked with food, fire wood and other materials. Felixs eyes widened. Just how much was it to the eastern minehead?

Catching his look, Migrunsson chuckled. Its just a couple of hours march, rememberer. However we might be waiting a long period of time for the greenskins to accept our invitation to dance.

I wish you locate your ruin, Slayer, said Sergeant Holdborn, admiring Gotrek. Itll conserve me seeing your face again.

Gotrek roared at his back as he transformed as well as strode off. Alec Worley – Dredge Runners Audiobook Free. Itll conserve your hide, watchman.

The chain stopped rattling off the winch and afterwards went slack. Migrunsson started winding it back up and responded to Felix, Henrik as well as the Slayers.

Head on down, he claimed. Two more carts as well as were off.

Gotrek and Agnar began down the slant side by side. Felix and also Henrik hesitated, after that pursued them.

The wall surfaces of the shaft closed in around him and a chill wind exploded from below. He shivered, though from cold or feeling, he could not tell.

Tough little mine horses were hitched in teams of 2 to the cannons and also the wagons once they got to the bottom of the incline, and also quickly the weapons train was in progress. Gotrek, Felix, Agnar as well as Henrik went first, adhered to by Migrunsson as well as the cannon crews– 3 towers over to a weapon– then the guns themselves, the powder wagon and supply wagon, each with a dwarf driver, as well as the last with a dwarf field specialist, and finally, a rearguard of six Thunderers, that would certainly be adding musket fire to the hefty shot of the cannons when they reached the emplacement.

The long way around was long undoubtedly, as well as treacherous. Engineer Migrunsson assured them that points were much worse additionally down, yet Felix believed that this very first civil level misbehaved sufficient to be agreeing. They went by way of solution flows as well as side passages, which, being dwarf work, were still wide enough for 6 dwarfs to stroll abreast, and also three times as tall as Felix– at least they would certainly have been had they been in excellent repair work. Regrettably, they were not.

In the light of the torches that turned from the wagons, Felix saw anywhere indicators of battle and calamity. Walls were slumped right into rubble around smudged craters. Significant rocks had dropped from the ceiling. In some areas, the ceiling had come down entirely and also the train needed to skirt the obstruction by way of smaller sized passages. In various other areas, the floor had buckled so steeply that all the towers over had to get behind the cannons as well as press, to assist the horses get them over the hump.

Though Felix saw no orcs or ghouls or various other horrors, their spoor was everywhere– gnawed human bones, piles of scat, mounds of deteriorating rubbish, a long streak of dried blood where a body had been dragged– and also he listened to weird moans and screeches resembling out of dark cross tunnels. There were signs of human intrusion as well– openings appeared wall surfaces with pickaxe or explosives, deserted lights and also gloves as well as canteens spread around, dead gold-hunting canaries in small wicker cages, messages inscribed at crossways in various languages.

There was an area where the ceiling had actually bulged down to within 6 feet of the floor, as if thawed by some horrible heat, as well as the chauffeurs had to lead the ponies through for it was as well reduced to ride on the wagons. Felixs hair climbed on his scalp as he eluded under that bulge and also he felt an ill tingling under his skin that made him want to scrub himself with lye.

Migrunsson led them through all of it as if they were taking place a go through a field, turning left as well as right without hesitation and also humming a jaunty little marching tune. Henrik sang too. Not the exact same song, however a tuneless little tune like a nursery rhyme, though so soft Felix couldnt construct out the words. It started to grate on his nerves eventually, however he didnt wish to begin a disagreement, so he didnt say anything. Agnar strolled in silence, drinking from a canteen that Felix was nearly certain didnt include water.

They strolled till Felix got hungry, and quite a while after that, however ultimately Migrunsson installed a hand and slowed to a stop.

Eat something and also have a beverage, he said. We are close to the ghoul nest currently. Youll need your stamina.

The cannon crews as well as motorists took biscuit and also dried meat from their packs, and lined up for ale put from a keg on the supply wagon.

Ghouls started biding in the minehead twenty years or two ago, Migrunssun informed the Slayers as they knocked back a few mugs. Some master of the dark arts set up residence there, swiping bodies of dead travelers and executing weird ceremonies upon them, however he didnt last long. Dredge Runners Audio Book Online. A band of heroes led by a hammer priest decreased there and caved his head in, after that shed his body. Since then, though, evil spirits seem to be drawn to the location. Its like they can still scent the wizardry in the stones.

And you haven’t tried to clean the location? asked Henrik.

Oh aye, stated Migrunsson. Many a time. Yet they constantly return. Worse than cockroaches.

When the dwarfs had finished their meat and drink, they drew their hand axes and obstructed their helms down on their heads and also murmured promises to their ancestors. The Slayers didnt pray, simply rolled their necks and also limbered up their arms in preparation for the battle ahead.

Agnars weapon was a lengthy axe as tall as he was, with a greatly curved head as well as a savage spike at the heel. He as well as Henrik drank one last cup of ale each, and Henrik replenished Agnars canteen from the keg for him. When they were completed, Henrik drew a hefty broadsword as well as made the sign of Sigmars hammer on his breast.

Ive never ever rather got over it, the rememberer murmured to Felix as they went to back up the Slayers in the line of march. The nerves prior to a fight.

Nor I, claimed Felix.

Engineer Migrunsson whistled the column forward and the Slayers strode in advance right into the darkness beyond the wagon lights. Agnar was listing a little as he walked.

The smell came first– a faint sourness that wrinkled the nose and also clung to the back of the throat. A min later on it was an eye-watering stink, equal components deteriorating remains and unwashed beggar, and also as the flags of the tunnel became littered with bones, waste matter as well as torn clothes, it swelled to a choking miasma of death that made Felix desire he had not eaten anything at their stop. Henrik turned and threw up against the wall, and the overshadows saturated their kerchiefs in ale and also linked them over their noses and also mouths before proceeding.

The glow of a fire flickered on the wall surfaces of the passage in advance, and a stooped type was quickly silhouetted. It elevated an askew head towards the approaching firm, then rushed right into an open archway, gibbering cautions.

Through there is the minehead chamber, said Migrunsson, keying a flintlock. Their house pleasant house.

Ahead, the flow resembled with wails of rage and the put of bare feet on rock. Felixs stomach moved into his intestines as he saw churning shadows looming larger versus the passage wall surface. After that they appeared. A seething trend of fish-white horrors poured out of the archway and also bounded at the towers over: long-armed, crook-backed subhumans– men and women– their slavering mouths filled with sharp teeth and also their eyes filled with just hunger.

The nearest decreased to Migrunssons musket, its head taking off in a crimson shower, however the remainder vaulted its toppling body as well as rose ahead, clawing and also screaming as well as snapping their jaws. Gotrek and Agnar charged forward to meet them, and also took down half a dozen into bloody pieces with their initial swings, yet the passage was as well wide for both Slayers to quit them all, as well as dozens a lot more swarmed past to launch themselves at Felix, Henrik and Migrunssons cannon staffs.

Hook-clawed hands reduced at Felixs face and got hold of at his arms. Saw-toothed mouths shrieked at him, nearly overwhelming him with breath that smelled like rank meat. He lashed out with Karaghul, gagging, as well as sculpted wonderful injuries into the scaries, cleaving flesh and ruining bones and knocking them to the flooring. Next to him, Henrik fought with a wide-eyed determination that showed both ability as well as terror. Felix presumed he looked about the same.

Around them, the towers over fulfilled the evil spirits crazed smacking with practiced development, spreading out across the size of the tunnel as well as hewing with their hand axes like threshers progressing down a field. Felix as well as Henrik kept pace with them, web content to take the protection of their flanks and also allow the Killers do their butchers exercise before the line.

Viewing them, Felix was once more stunned by the rate and also vicious fury of their kind. They rotated like intoxicated tops, axes obscuring and red crests whipping regarding, and also the evil spirits seemed to just crumble around them. White arm or legs flew in arcs of blood. Scarred heads fell from bony shoulders. Digestive tracts splashed from torn torsos. Agnar was not quite as rapid or solid as Gotrek, but his lengthy axe had a greater reach, and also he whirled it around him like a follower blade, lopping heads as well as crushing skulls. Gotrek entered better, shearing legs as well as splitting ribcages, as well as was quickly crimson from head to toe.

With this red whirlwind at its head, the dwarf column chopped its method to the archway and also through it right into the minehead, a high, firelit staging area with a huge black opening on the west wall surface and also a smaller sized on the north. On the eastern wall, a broad trip of steps rose to a door over a sealed arch– the firing platform. They had actually reached their location.

Ratings of evil spirits were rising from where they crouched around weak fires and loped across the filth-slicked flooring for the dwarfs. Dredge Runners Audiobook Download. Past them, the flames revealed shoulder-high lots of bones and also garments and also broken executes piled in the corners, as well as crusted rag-mounds that Felix feared were beds. Bodies lay half-eaten near the fires– some human, some dwarf, some evil spirit. The fatality reek floating from them was so thick Felix can virtually see it.