Dan Abnett – Shattered Legions Audiobook

Dan Abnett – Shattered Legions Audiobook (The Horus Heresy, Book 43)

Dan Abnett - Shattered Legions Audio Book Stream
Shattered Legions Audiobook

Where in the name of Terra were Julius and also Marius?

He saw a pair of his warriors borne to the deck by a pack of shouting greenskins, a barking axe hacking their Mark IV plate to splintered ruins. An additional was torn nearly in 2 by a close quarters ruptured from an impressive rotating cannon that was lugged by a greenskin as though it considered no greater than a handgun.

Even as he saw these tragedies play out, a rusted cleaver smote him in the breast and hurled him backwards. His armour split under the impact and he coughed blood, searching for into the snarling, fanged gorge of the greenskin leader. The hissing, wheezing armour enlarged its beefy figure, its muscular tissues powered by mighty pistons and also barking bellows.

Solomon rolled apart as the cleaver arced in the direction of him, crying out as splintered ends of bone ground together in his chest. Shattered Legions Audiobook Free. Momentary pain paralysed him, yet also as he awaited an additional assault, he heard the sound of massed bolter fire as well as the piercing gripe of a hundred chainswords.

The greenskin before him looked up in response to the audio, and Solomon did not squander his chance, dumping his weapon complete in its face, pulping its thickly-boned skull in a torrent of eruptive shells.

Its metal exo-skeleton kept it on its feet, however instantly the greenskin force remained in chaos as newly shown up Emperor s Kid tore into the battle, providing point blank shots from bolt guns, or reducing limbs and also heads from bodies with precisely aimed sword strikes.

In minutes, the fighting was done as the last pockets of greenskin warriors were separated right into smaller and smaller sized knots of resistance, and also were mercilessly gunned down by the new kid on the blocks. Solomon viewed the extermination with cold admiration, for the murders were attained with an excellence he had not seen in some time.

Gaius Caphen, bloodied and damaged, yet active, assisted him to his feet, and Solomon grinned in spite of the pain in his broken ribs.

I informed you Julius as well as Marius wouldn t allow us down, he said.

Caphen shook his head as the captains that led the alleviation pressure marched over towards them. That s not who came.

Solomon searched for in confusion as the local warrior eliminated his helm.

I heard you can make use of some aid, and also assumed we d lend a hand, stated Saul Tarvitz. Behind Tarvitz, Solomon saw the distinct swagger of the swordsman, Lucius.

What regarding the Third and the First? he hissed, the reality that his battle-brothers had actually forsaken the Second even more unpleasant than any injury.

Tarvitz shrugged apologetically. I put on t understand. We were starting our press to the major control centre and heard your request for support.

It s a good idea we did, claimed Lucius, his scarred face turned in enjoyment. Looks like you needed the aid.

Solomon seemed like punching the conceited bastard, yet held his tongue, for the swordsman was right. Without their aid, he and also his warriors would have been butchered.

I m happy, Captain Tarvitz, he said, neglecting Lucius.

Tarvitz bowed as well as stated, The honour is mine, Captain Demeter, yet I need to regretfully take my leave of you. We must go on our primary purpose.

Yes, said Solomon, swing him away. Go. Dan Abnett – Shattered Legions Audio Book Online. Do the Legion proud.

Tarvitz tossed him a quick martial salute as well as averted, gliding his helmet back on and issuing orders to his warriors. Lucius offered him a mock bow and also saluted him with the energised side of his blade before joining his fellow captain.

Julius as well as Marius had not come.

Where were you? he whispered, but no person addressed him.

MY LORD! WEPT Vespasian, marching into Fulgrim s staterooms without pause or ceremony. The lord leader was arrayed in his fight armour, the smooth plates oiled and also brightened to a reflective surface. His face was purged and also his stride urgent as he made his way via the mess of broken marble and also half-finished canvases, towards where Fulgrim sat in reflection prior to a set of sculptures carved to represent the captains of 2 of his fight firms.

Fulgrim sought out as he approached, as well as Vespasian was struck once again by the modification that had actually come over his primarch since they had actually taken their leave of the 63rd Exploration. The 4 week journey to the Callinedes system had been one of the strangest times Vespasian could bear in mind, his primarch sullen as well as withdrawn and also the spirit of the Myriad in turmoil. As more and more of Dispenser Fabius s chemicals were presented to the Legion s blood, only a blind male can fail to see the decline in the Myriad s ethical fibre. With Fulgrim s and Eidolon s permission, few of the Myriad s captains were willing to withstand the slide into decadent conceit.

Just an extremely few of Vespasian s companies still held to the perfects that had established the Myriad, and also he went to a loss as to know just how to quit the rot. With the orders coming straight from Fulgrim and also Eidolon, the inflexible command structure of the Emperor s Children permitted little, if any type of, room for flexibility in the analysis of their orders.