Guy Haley – The Autumn Prince Audiobook

Guy Haley – The Autumn Prince Audiobook (Age of Sigmar)

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The Autumn Prince Audiobook

The gnarled spires of the shrieking temple towered above him, the large curved entry like the mouth of an undersea cave. Significant portions of blasted coral lay spread about, and scores of snaking Laer bodies slinked around them, their multiple arms birthing rounded blades, which snapped with blue flames that radiate brilliantly in the mist that poured from the shattered temple.

The Emperor s Kid inculcated them, and also the battle was as bloody as it was brief, the Laer fighting with inhumanly quick strikes of their dangerous blades. The Autumn Prince Audiobook Free. Even the armour of the Terminators was not evidence against such weapons, and greater than one of Kaesoron s First shed an arm or leg or his life to their unnatural powers.

With an increasing number of Emperor s Children pressing into the valley, there could be no stopping their advancement, and they slashed with the alien warriors that separated them as well as the yawning cave mouth of the temple.

We have them now, my children! yelled Fulgrim.

Holding the beaming eagle banner in one hand and also his golden sword in the other, Fulgrim fought his method into the temple of the Laer.

JULIUS KAESORON HAD ACTUALLY killed with the fury of among Angron s warriors, the pity of the primarch s rebuke driving him to undreamt of elevations of negligent guts to once again show his nerve. He had actually shed matter of the Laer he had actually eliminated, as well as now the darkness of the temple enfolded him as he complied with the golden eagle birthed by his primarch right into the heart of the black coral framework.

The darkness resembled a creature, swallowing light and audio as though jealously protecting it. Past the temple, Julius could still hear the ache of surges, the rattle of gunfire, the clash of blades and the nerve shredding screams of the towers, however with each step he took, the sounds diminished as though he were descending into a considerably deep pit.

Ahead of him, Fulgrim strode onwards, uninformed or disinterested of the impact the darkness of the temple was carrying his warriors. Guy Haley – The Autumn Prince Audio Book Online. Julius can see that also the normally implacable Phoenix az Guard were worried in this area, and no wonder, for the primarch himself had actually proclaimed that it was a place of worship.

The suggestion of such things was as repugnant to Julius as the suggestion of failure, as well as the idea that he stood in a fane where pesky aliens had provided praise to false gods stired the fires of his disgust. The warriors who had actually battled their method into the holy place expanded as they followed their leader, swords increased or bolters ready in case some brand-new hazard lay within the location that the Laer had fought so difficult to safeguard.

There is power here, said Fulgrim, his voice appearing impossibly remote.

The Phoenix metro Guard closed rankings around the primarch, however he waved them away, sheathing Fireblade and rising to remove his eagle-winged safety helmet before commending the closest of his bodyguards. Though the Phoenix metro Guard preserved their helmets, a terrific numerous other warriors rose and followed their primarch s example.

Julius did likewise and also released the catches at his gorget, lifting the close-fitting safety helmet clear of his head. His skin was clammy with sweat, as well as he took a deep breath of air to remove his lungs of the stagnant, recycled oxygen of his armour. The air was hot and also scented, a cloying musk wandering from holes in the walls, and he was amazed to feel a little lightheaded.

The darkness of the holy place began to lift as they passed through much deeper, as well as Julius might hear what seemed like agitated songs from up ahead, as though a million berserk bands were playing a million various tunes simultaneously. A flickering, multi-coloured radiance pierced the grief where Julius believed the resource of the discordant songs to lie. Also at this range, Julius can feel the cold breath of air that spoke of a much larger area in advance, and he grabbed his speed, marching in hefty, ponderous strides to attract level with his primarch.

As Julius entered the cave, he felt as though a surrounding blanket he had actually not known existed was all of a sudden drawn from his head, and also he clapped his hands to his ears as a cacophonous flooding of experiences assaulted him with a rise of light as well as noise.

Blazing light loaded the tremendous room within the holy place, jumping from wall to wall, and riotous sound echoed in a deafening rumbling of noises. Fantastical colours rolled in the air, as though the light were in some way captured in the humid, fragrant smoke that snaked with the chamber. Impressive statues of what Julius thought were the gods of the Laer ran around the circumference of the temple, massive bull-headed creatures with multiple arms and excellent horns crinkling from their heads. Various barbed rings punctured their rock flesh and also each god s chest was encased in layered armour plate that left the ideal bust bare.