Ben Counter – Battle for the Abyss Audiobook

Ben Counter – Battle for the Abyss Audiobook (The Horus Heresy, Book 8)

Ben Counter - Battle for the Abyss Audio Book Download
Battle for the Abyss Audiobook

I couldn’t place this publication down. Even if it hadn’t been for the last 2 publications in this series being lackluster, I would certainly have still be transfixed, as I was, by this book.

This publication is essentially continuous activity. I liked that the combat scenes in this book weren’t extracted– there wasn’t four web pages of to and fro anticipating as well as riposting as well as bolter coverings. When it came down to it most individually fights were quick and also deadly. I took pleasure in that adjustment. I don’t mind extensive hand-to-hand fight scenes, however in some cases it can get recurring. This publication did not deal with this.

Battle for the Abyss does a great work of revealing the budding way of thinking of the Mayhem forces. The opulence, the conceit, the blind belief, the intoxication of power, as well as the partnerships with devils– it’s all revealed right here. The origins of the Legions turning against their bros. Battle for the Abyss Audiobook Free. The Imperial Truth and Light of the Ultramarines contrasted with the passionate religious zealotry of the Word Bearers. Extremely enjoyable.

For a very quick relocating activity novel the author does an excellent work of offering the main personalities enough depth, exposing some intriguing motivations as well as choices, to expand the story as well as make it durable without interfering with the speed.

I rejoice the series has gone back to this sort of novel as well as I can only hope that the next publication in the collection follows suit. This book had made me long, once more, for the following release which looks like an agonizingly far-off occasion. I have actually been reading every one of the Horus Heresy books in sequence. I believed the series looked terrific, yet that the last two publications (Descent of Angels and Myriad) did not have a few of the direction that made the previous publications so outstanding. (Although I understand their incorporation in the collection).

Fight for the Void brought back some of the action and also composing that made the previous publications so amazing. In addition, while Descent of Angels and also Legion happened right prior to the events of the Horus Heresy, this book happens after the occasions of the previous books, progressing the timeline.

The title describes the name of the Word Holder super battlewagon “Furious Abyss”. This ship is mosting likely to be utilized in a crushing strike versus the Ultramarines. The book covers the story of a little team of space marines, and also imperials, who are hunting and trying to stop the “Angry Void” in it’s objective of damage.

The little team of space marines is composed from a number of various myriads including Ultramarines, Area Wolf, Globe Eaters as well as Thousand Sons. If you have been adhering to the Horus Heresy background, you will know that World Eaters and Thousand Sons were traitor legions, so including them in this book not only provides you a large amount of understanding into their myriads, but additionally includes a bit of thriller to see if they are loyalists or traitors.

Although guide has several personalities, the writer does an excellent task of maintaining the visitor from obtaining too overwhelmed between one personality and also the following. He additionally does an excellent task of providing us sufficient insight into each character to ensure that you have compassion for the personality without needing to check out fifty or a hundred pages concerning the personality’s background. The only point I believed was amusing was that the author does alot of “Red Shirting” (Celebrity Trek term) of some characters. Ben Counter – Battle for the Abyss Audio Book Online. If you see a personality offered a name past the initial 100 pages of guide, you can be ensured that the personality will certainly be dead within the following five paragraphs.

Overally, I believed this publication put the enjoyment back into the series that the last 2 books lacked. I would highly advise it. I have to scrape my head after I read several of the reviews on below as I truly believed guide was amazing. I have been reading regarding this remarkable world considering that 1990 (I initially played the game rogue investor) as well as have actually checked out many lots of black collection publications consisting of the Horus Heresy collection leading up to this one. The area battles in guide were top notch. The 4 primary Astartes characters themselves were extremely memorable, Cestus and Ultra aquatic Captain, Brynngar, a Wolf guard leader, Mhotep, a thousand sons Psyker as well as Skraal, a world eaters captain. They find themselves in the best area and also the correct time to affect galaxy large events. Fast paced with fantastic fight sequences its a have to check out if you appreciate the Horus heresy series.