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Ben Counter – Damocles Audiobook (Space Marine Battles)

Ben Counter - Damocles Audio Book Stream
Damocles Audiobook

Bring us more Tau!! This publication discuss points in one of the most explosive conflict between the Imperium of Guy and the Tau Realm, introducing lots of systems as well as characters (and killing lots) while doing so.

The tales construct a continuing competition in between Korsarro Khan as well as Shadowsun, and show how the Tau really had the Imperium on the back foot (I understand, heresy) till some OP systems as well as factions entered the fray.

Thank God for this book, because after, “The Greater Good” I prepared to give up on a great Tau-centered story. Although the point of views alternative they are never ever boring and also develop stress for approaching battles. Damocles Audiobook Free. The problem with a lot of these Area Marine novels is they are practically all the same story– Crooks turn up and also capture them off-guard. Huge Fight – every person dies, other than the Big Name bad guys (that always appear to run away).
The Area Marines NEVVVER appear to be on the offensive and are constantly out-numbered.
Cant find out why the Astartes NEVVVER appear to be the aggressors in these publications. A few of the authors of these books are rather great however need to work on various angles.
I likewise wonder if anyone is ever before going to discuss the fight for Earth, when the Emperor and the traitors (Horus) fought it out. Something everybody understands occurred but it has actually never ever been novelized. If your a follower of the tua (like myself) as well as the white scars after that this novella collection will suit you just penalty. Four rather incredible, activity packed stories. Exactly what you desire when you get an area aquatic battles unique. This is a great collection of four novellas, each of which has to do with a hundred web pages long. The general theme is the Tau invasion of the Realm, beyond the Gulf of Damocles, as well as their strike of the strategic Agrellan system. An interesting attribute of this collection is that while the 4 tales can be read separately and are created by four different authors, they are additionally clearly linked and the writers seem to have actually collaborated and also spoken to each other.

An additional excellent attribute is that this title does contribute to the existing collections in several aspects. The summaries of the Tau and the multiple pictures of their extremely advanced modern technology as well as their skilled abilities of deceptiveness, subversion and shock are just one of one of the most intriguing aspects that are common to all 4 tales. A second element that I delighted in was the variety of styles and also viewpoints where numerous episodes of the same style of events– the Tau intrusion– are being informed. One point of view which I discovered specifically intriguing what that of the human “traitors”– whether an ex-captain of the Imperial Guard or an ex-Inquisitor transformed rogue– serving the Tau versus the Empire of Humankind and intending to count on the “Greater Good” because they hope it is better than the awful, decadent and harsh Empire.

Those preference fights will, obviously, discover plenty to their taste. Interestingly, as well as for a change, the Imperials do not end up by winning, fairly the contrary actually given that their crack troops, amongst which are the White Scars of Korsarro Khan and also the Raven Guard regulated by their Phase Master. Also existing are a regiment of Catachans as well as the (excellent!) greatly armoured and terrible Knights of Voldoris who turn out to be greater than a match for their Tau equivalents.
I liked all four tales, although some are probably far better than others. While not actually “bad”, I found that “Black Leviathan” was maybe the weakest of the four, essentially due to the fact that the behaviour of the team of Jade Dragons’ Room Militaries, as well as of their sergeant in particular, is hard to believe. At a minimum, the author must have offered a lot more components and also descriptions, perhaps more context about this Successor Chapter (concerning which I knew nothing, not also that their Primogenitor Phase was supposed to be!) to describe why they endangered the whole objective in the means they did. Ben Counter – Damocles Audio Book Online. Completion of this tale is also rather doubtful, with the sergeant commanding the Jade Dragons’ squad getting of rather gently given his activities.

After that there are the personalities, a number of which are instead intriguing. You will certainly learn more about quite a bit extra regarding the White Scars, their captain, yet likewise a couple of their seers as well as Cemakan, the old irritated veteran, but additionally regarding the Tau with their talented warlord (or rather “warlady”) Shadowsun, as well as some of the other caster, in particular the idealist Skilltalker, all set to compromise himself for the “Greater Good”, as well as the instead unscrupulous Supreme Ethereal. My individual favourite, nevertheless, was Patriarch Tybalt of House Terryn as well as his huge Imperial Knights.