Ben Counter – The Agents of the Imperium Audio Collection Audiobook

Ben Counter – The Agents of the Imperium Audio Collection Audiobook (Warhammer 40,000)

Ben Counter - The Agents of the Imperium Audio Collection Audio Book Stream
The Agents of the Imperium Audio Collection Audiobook

Luc and also Serghar heard as well as witnessed my own before the Whisperheads. And Tarik is my friend.

Abaddon looked sidelong at the Warmaster, that gave an almost invisible nod. Abaddon handed the parchments to Loken.

Loken stepped out throughout the deck, Aximand at his side, as well as heard the four captains take their oaths. Little Horus held up the bolter on which the vows were sworn.

When it was done, Loken handed the vow papers to every of them.

Be well, he stated to them, and also applaud your unit leaders. The Agents of the Imperium Audio Collection Audiobook Free. The Warmaster personally appreciated their job today.

Verulam Moy made the sign of the aquila. My many thanks, Captain Loken, he claimed, and walked away in the direction of his skin, shouting for his device secs.

Serghar Targost smiled at Loken, and clasped his fist, thumb around thumb. By his side, Luc Sedirae grinned with his ever half-open mouth, his eyes a murderous blue, excited for war.

If I put on t see you following on this deck … Sedirae began.

… allow it be at the Emperor s side, Loken finished.

Sedirae giggled as well as ran, whooping, towards his skin. Targost locked on his helm and also stepped away in the contrary instructions.

Luc s blood is up, Loken claimed to Torgaddon. How s your own?

My humours are all where they must be, Torgaddon replied. He hugged Loken, with a clatter of plate, and afterwards did the same to Aximand.

Lupercal! he bellowed, punching the air with his clenched fist, and turned away, going to his waiting drop-pod.

Lupercal! Loken and also Aximand screamed after him. Both turned and also strolled back to join Abaddon, Maloghurst and also the Warmaster.
I can t state, responded Aximand, with a deliberate irony that made Loken laugh.

The observing event withdrew behind the blast shields. An abrupt, volatile pressure change introduced the opening of the deck s void areas. The firing coils sped up to maximum charge, squealing with pent up energy.

The word is given, Abaddon advised over the outcry.

One by one, each with a concussive bang, the drop-pods terminated down through the deck ports like bullets. It was like the ripple of a full broadside firing. Ben Counter – The Agents of the Imperium Audio Collection Audio Book Online. The departure deck trembled as the drop-pods expelled free.

Then they were all gone, and the deck was suddenly peaceful, as well as tiny armoured pellets, cocooned in teardrops of blue fire, sank away in the direction of the earth s surface area.


The phrase had haunted Loken considering that the sixth week of the voyage to Murder. Since he had actually chosen Little Horus to the lodge conference.

The meeting point had actually been one of the aft holds of the front runner, a lonely, failed to remember pocket of the ship s superstructure. Down at night, the means had actually been lit by tapers.

Loken had actually been available in straightforward bathrobes, as Aximand had advised him. They d fulfilled on the 4th midships deck, and taken the rail carriage back to the aft quarters before descending through dark solution stairwells.

Loosen up, Aximand maintained telling him.Loken couldn t. He d never ever liked the suggestion of the lodges, and the discovery that Jubal had been a member had actually enhanced his disquiet.

This isn t what you believe it is, Aximand had actually said.

And what did he believe it was? A forbidden conclave. A cult of the Lectio Divinitatus. Or even worse. A dreadful setting up. A worm in the bud. A cancer at the heart of the Myriad.

As he walked down the dim, metal deckways, part of him wished that what awaited him would be infernal. A coven. Proof that Jubal had already been polluted by some manufacture of the warp before the Whisperheads. Evidence that would certainly disclose a source of evil to Loken that he could ultimately strike back at in open vengeance, yet the majority of him willed it to be otherwise. Little Horus Aximand was celebration to this meeting. If it was tainted, then Aximand s visibility implied that taint ran profoundly deep. Loken didn t wish to have to go head to head with Aximand. If what he was afraid was true, after that in the next few mins he may have to deal with and also eliminate his Mournival sibling.

That approaches? asked a voice from the darkness. Loken saw a number, evidently an Astartes by his build, shrouded in a hooded cape.

Loken slowly held up the medal Aximand had actually offered him. It glinted in the fire light. Inside his robe, his other hand clasped the hold of the combat knife he had concealed.

Let him be revealed, a voice claimed.

Aximand reached over and attracted Loken s hood down.