C.L. Werner – Blood Money Audiobook

C.L. Werner – Blood Money Audiobook (Brunner the Bounty Hunter)

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Blood Money Audiobook

Weary and also tired of treatment bears heroes who always make the noblest of choices, say no to drugs and also have no human flaws like greed, cruelty or disrespect to life. If you are after that this is the book for you. If you like a popcorn activity publication with a hero that can kick [butt], well this is most definitely guide for you.
Guide contains a series of brief episodes in the life of Brunner, a callous bounty hunter with even more tricks up his sleeve than the infamous stellar seeker discussed above. Brunner is ruthless, reveals little or no concern or compassion for life as well as has no notions of honor (except maybe for golden coins). Really he would favor shooting someone in the back to face to face battle. The stories are extremely entertaining, despite of being unimaginative and although that completion is predetermined. Brunner’s only motivation is greed and also he would certainly stop at nothing to complete a work. Blood Money Audiobook Free. The action scenes are terrific as you would anticipate from a Warhammer story as well as the reality that Brunner uses guile, (throwing salt in opponents eyes, sowing the ground with caltrops, concealing gun under a jacket in a la raiders of the lost ark scene etc.), only includes in the strength and the total enjoyable. The title may sound like an adverse, yet that is not exactly how I suggest it. Brunner is single-minded in his emphasis. He wants money, as well as will do what it requires to earn money. He doesn’t combat fair. He does not claim to care. He goes in, eliminates his target, and also leaves.

Which is perfectly fine. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a personality that is so focused. Actually, it is a nice modification from the “rogue with a heart of gold” stereotype. Also when you think Brunner is going to do something nice, occasions change as well as he remains to act only in his own self-interest.

I provided the book 3 celebrities instead of 4 only due to the fact that it did not totally hold my attention. It is well-written as well as I did complete it. Yet it is the sort of publication that you can put down for a few days without feeling like you are missing something. This publication is a collection of narratives concerning the bounty hunter, Brunner. Mostly written in the style of penny dreadfuls, they are enjoyable, but the absence of any character advancement for Brunner obtains tiring. The additional characters have much more character than Brunner.

Great action, satisfying fast read, yet nothing special. ‘Blood Cash’ is a loose collection of narratives starring Brunner, a ruthless fugitive hunter running mainly in Tilea as well as the Boundary Princes, though there are additionally sees to the Realm and Bretonnia. It’s dark things with a very callous yet efficent and cunning ‘hero’ up against diverse scum. Essentially it is amazing and also darkly humorous, yet I think Werner may have gone overboard once or twice – the story ‘Honour Among Vermin’ specifically sees Brunner cross the line from ruthless antihero right into a straight-out bad guy, to the level I had to put guide down after reading it. Again it isn’t poor precisely, however be prepared to be repelled by your lead character sometimes. Not a single soul relocated, nor had Ostian expected any type of to. To see the surface of a brand-new world was also tempting for any person to resist, as well as he saw that very same knowledge on Kaesoron s face.

After that we will begin with the allocation of transports, claimed Kaesoron, and also the two iterators descended from the system and moved amongst the assembled remembrancers with data-slates, checking names against those on their listings, and guiding them to the assigned transport that would take them to the earth s surface.

Coraline Aseneca moved towards him, and also his pulse quickened as he valued the full effect of her elegance, formed, sophisticated and with hair so dark it resembled an oil slick. C.L. Werner – Blood Money Audio Book Online. Her full mouth was repainted a luscious purple, as well as her eyes shone with an internal light that spoke of expensive augmetics.

And also what are your names? she asked. Ostian found himself shed for words at the smooth, fluid noise of her voice. Her words moved over him like smoke, warm, and also making him blink as he battled to remember what his name was.