C Z Dunn – The Rage of Asmodai Audiobook

C Z Dunn – The Rage of Asmodai Audiobook (Warhammer 40,000)

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The Rage of Asmodai Audiobook

Others with greater skill were to fly them right into battle, as well as given that the primarch s plan called for absolute, excellent precision for this attack to work, he had actually kept his worries to himself until it was far too late to do anything concerning them.

He pounded a hand into the restriction of his grav-harness and also pressed himself to his feet, grasping the brass hand rails that ran the size of the ceiling.

Solomon nodded, distressed to speak, yet not wanting to sidetrack the pilots from their duties. The evening sky past the armoured glass of the cockpit was illuminated as brilliant as day with traceries of gunfire and flak, the fleet s interceptors duelling with the staying air-borne systems of the Laer to clear a course for the Myriad s warriors. Ahead, Solomon can see a bright island of light drifting overhead, the temple atoll like a sign in the darkness.

Silly, he stated to himself. I would certainly have applied a power outage.

The compartment was loaded with a spooky red light, and Solomon unexpectedly discovered himself thinking about blood. He questioned if it was an omen for the fight ahead; after that shook off such a gloomy thought. The Rage of Asmodai Audiobook Free. Omens and portents were for weak minds that did not know the truth of the galaxy as well as feral barbarians who needed a reason for the sun to climb or the rainfalls to fall.

Solomon was past such petty superstitions, but he grinned as he knew that his obsessive routine of changing his battle equipment and entreating it to maintain him secure prior to going into fight could be considered superstitious. No, he determined, honouring your battle gear was just reasonable, not superstitious.

He crouched down in the entrance, unwilling to return to his seat as well as perversely attracted by the internet of light as well as surges painted on the skies. Also as he watched the detailed ballet of fire into which they flew, a blazing light filled the cabin as the Firebird passed overhanging, its higher speed indicating it would be amongst the very first of the assault craft to get to the atoll.

Flames still tracked from its wings, and Solomon smiled, understanding it was no mishap that the primarch had decreed that this attack ought to be gone for evening. The flickering red glow of the flames was shown in the staff s faces, and also Solomon was once more seized by the assurance that something terrible was going to happen.

Not simply to him, but to his entire Myriad.

Solomon s intestine tightened up as the Stormbird all of a sudden diverted to one side as well as he heard the pilots swear. A thudding effect struck the side of the Stormbird, as well as Solomon really felt a sickening lurch as the mighty craft went down with the skies.

His mind loaded with thoughts of the yawning void of the world sea below, remembering the battles he had battled underneath its empty darkness as well as having no wish to take another look at that cold, subterranean globe.

Port engine s ablaze! screamed the pilot. Increase power to the starboard engine.

Stabilisers are gone! Compensating!

Cut off the fuel feeds from the wing and get us degree!
Solomon gripped the side of the door as the Stormbird swung hugely to the side. The crew provided orders to one another and also attempted to secure their trip. C Z Dunn – The Rage of Asmodai Audio Book Online. Emergency situation lights blinked across the command console, and Solomon can listen to the warning klaxon of the altimeter. Though he might listen to the strain in the pilots voices, Solomon also heard their training as well as self-control as they underwent the emergency situation procedures with identified performance.

Eventually the gunship began to level out, though mad lights still blinked and also the altimeter klaxon still sounded.

An apparent sense of alleviation loaded the trip area and also Solomon began to alleviate his grip on the edge of the door.
Well done, people, claimed the pilot, we re still flying.

Barely a moment later on, the entire left side of the Stormbird emerged in fires. Solomon was hurled to the deck and a seething wall surface of flame lit up the sky. The glass of the cockpit disintegrated and fires boiled into the gunship.