Chris Wraight – Brotherhood of the Moon Audiobook

Chris Wraight – Brotherhood of the Moon Audiobook (The Horus Heresy Series)

Chris Wraight - Brotherhood of the Moon Audio Book Stream
Brotherhood of the Moon Audiobook

Marius adhered to heaven dot predicted onto the internal surface area of his visor that represented Gaius Caphen s vox signal, though it discolored with each turn they took through the labyrinth of coral reefs.

Damn this place! No! snarled Marius as the signal faded completely.

He elevated his hand and called a stop, however as he did so a substantial explosion erupted from neighboring and also a tall, crinkling tower of coral reefs collapsed in fires not greater than thirty metres to their left.

That has to be it, he claimed and also searched for a way around the bristling lumps of coral. The streets wound away from the surge, as well as he knew they would certainly never reach  Brotherhood of the Moon Audiobook Free. Caphen by taking any of them. He looked over at the rippling black clouds and also claimed, We re going over! Leave!

Marius scrabbled up the face of a Laer burrow, conveniently locating hand- and also foot-holds in the knotted coral reefs. He pulled himself higher as well as higher, the ground rapidly receding under him as he as well as the warriors of the Third made their method over the roofings of Atoll 19.

OSTIAN ENJOYED THE very first assault craft launch from the Satisfaction of the Emperor with a mixture of awe and also irritability. Awe, for it was an absolutely amazing point to enjoy the martial power of the Legion unleashed on an opponent globe, and also irritation because it had taken him far from the unblemished marble in his workshop. First Captain Julius Kaesoron had sent advancement word of the launch to Serena as well as she had right away pertained to bring him from his studio to a prime area on the observation deck.

He d attempted to decline, claiming he was busy, but Serena had actually been adamant, claiming that all he was doing was resting taking a look at the marble, and also absolutely nothing he can claim would certainly persuade her otherwise. Currently, standing prior to the armoured glass of the monitoring deck, he was exuberantly glad she had dragged him away.

It s instead wonderful, don t you think? asked Serena, glimpsing up from her sketchbook as her hand rushed throughout its surface area, recording the moment with impressive skill.

It s amazing, concurred Ostian, staring at her profile as a second wave of ships wreathed in the blue fire of their launch caught the sunlight on their steel flanks. The observation deck was thousands of metres over the launch rails, however Ostian fancied he can still feel the resonances of their release in his bones.

A final wave of Stormbirds launched from the other vessels of the Emperor s Kid and also he turned from Serena to watch them fly, birds of prey capturing into space like great darts of fire. Kaesoron had stated that this was to be a full-scale assault and, seeing the sheer number of craft being released, Ostian can well believe it.

I wonder what it would be like, claimed Ostian, the entire surface of a world covered by one enormous ocean. I can barely envisage something.

That recognizes? responded Serena, flicking a tendril of dark hair from her eyes as she continued intensely laying out. I imagine it would certainly be like any other sea.

I must bloody well hope so, said Serena, ripping the page from her sketchpad as well as tossing it angrily to the floor. An extremely select few of us were enabled to the surface of Twenty-Eight Two, and also it was a stunning location: snow covered mountains, continents of woodlands, and also lakes the colour of a summer season s morning, and the skies … oh the sky! Chris Wraight – Brotherhood of the Moon Audio Book Online. It was a marvelous shade of cerulean blue. I believe I enjoyed it so much because it was exactly how I thought of Old Planet might when have looked. I took some picts, yet they didn t actually record it. Pity, really, as I d have actually liked to have actually had the ability to blend it, but I couldn t handle it.

As Serena spoke of her failure to mix the colour, Ostian saw her surreptitiously pushing the tip of her quill into the flesh of her wrist, leaving a little weal of ink and also blood on her pale skin.

I simply couldn t get it to function, she claimed absently, and Ostian wished he knew just how to stop Serena from injuring herself, as well as to see the value in what she did.

I d like you to show me the surface area of the world ideally, he stated.

She blinked and grinned at him, rising to push her fingertips versus his cheek.

GAIUS CAPHEN ELUDED below the screeching attack of a Laer warrior as well as drove his chainsword right into its guts, ripping the tool free in a spray of blood and also bone. Fire billowed around them from the smashed remains of a pair of Stormbirds that lay smouldering in the ruins of a Laer burrow facility.

The crew and also travelers had passed away in the collision as well as the violence of the effect had practically toppled a rearing spire of twisted coral. It had just taken a handful of grenades lobbed into the shattered base of the tower to complete its damage and bring it thundering to the ground. Marius Vairosean desired them to note their setting, and also if he couldn t see that then they were just as good as dead.

He and his team had actually hammered out the Laer burrow complicateds as Captain Demeter had purchased, but the aliens had actually anticipated the lateral manoeuvre. Every burrow held a pair of monstrous alien warriors positioned to wriggle from hiding to eliminate in a frenzy of blinking blades as well as energy bolts.