Chris Wraight – The Interrogation of Salvor Lermentov Audiobook

Chris Wraight – The Interrogation of Salvor Lermentov Audiobook (Audio Drama)

Chris Wraight - The Interrogation of Salvor Lermentov Audio Book Download
The Interrogation of Salvor Lermentov Audiobook

Even in my moments of blackest uncertainty, all that endured me was the utter certainty of my supreme accomplishment of excellence, stated Fulgrim. The Emperor was the radiating apotheosis of that desire s achievement, and to have actually that eliminated from me …

Doubt is not a pleasurable problem, nodded Horus, but certainty is absurd when it is improved a lie.

Fulgrim felt his mind reel that he also delighted the possibility that Horus could be right, his words unwinding all that he had ever been and all he had ever hoped to accomplish. His past was gone, ruined to feed his dad s lie, and all that was delegated him was his future.

The Emperor is a comedian playing to a target market too terrified to laugh, claimed Horus. To him we are devices to be made use of up until blunted and after that discarded. Why else would he leave us and the Crusade to pull away to his dungeons below Terra? The Interrogation of Salvor Lermentov Audiobook Free. His apotheosis is currently underway and also it depends on us to stop it.

I dreamed of eventually resembling him, murmured Fulgrim, of standing at his shoulder as well as feeling his satisfaction and love for me.

Horus progression, stooping before him and also taking his hands. All males dream, Fulgrim, however not all men dream just as. Those that dream by evening in the messy recesses of their minds wake in the day to discover that it was vanity. For guys like us, the daydreamers of the day, our dreams are just one of hope, of enhancement, of adjustment. Possibly we were when just tools, warriors that knew nothing past the art of death, however we have actually expanded, my sibling! We are so much more than that now, however the Emperor does not see it. He would abandon his best achievements to the darkness of a hostile world. I understand this for a fact, Fulgrim, for I did not just get this wisdom, I found it for myself after a journey that nobody can take for me or save me.

I can not hear this, Horus, cried Fulgrim, surging to his feet as his flesh threw off the paralysis that had actually so far held him stable. He marched towards the mural of the Emperor and also screamed. You have no concept what you are asking me to do!

On the other hand, replied Horus, rising to follow him. I recognize exactly what I am asking you to do. I am asking you to stand with me to safeguard our due. This galaxy is ours by right of conquest and also blood, however it is to be handed out to untidy political leaders and also clerks. I understand you have actually seen this, as well as it has to make your blood boil as it does mine. Where were those civilians when it was our warriors passing away by the thousand? Where were they when we crossed the span of the galaxy to bring illumination to the shed pieces of humanity? I ll tell you where! They gathered in their dark and dusty halls, and penned diatribes such as this!

Horus got to down to his desk, seized up a handful of documents and propelled them into Fulgrim s hands.

What are these? he asked.

Exists, said Horus. They call it the Lectitio Divinitatus, as well as it is spreading via the fleets like a virus. It is a cult that deifies the Emperor and openly worships him as a god! Can you think it? After all we have done to bring the light of science and also reason to these worthless people, they design a false god and resort to him for support.

A god?

Aye, Fulgrim, a god, claimed Horus, his rage spilling out in a surge of violence. The Warmaster barked as well as hammered his hand into the mural, his gauntlet smashing the repainted face of the Emperor to shards of split stone. Chris Wraight – The Interrogation of Salvor Lermentov Audio Book Online. Fractured blocks dropped from the wall to crash upon the metal deck, and also Fulgrim released the documents he held, seeing them flutter to the floor amid the wreck of the mural.

Fulgrim cried out as his world ruined right into shards as fragmented as the debris of the mural, his love for the Emperor torn from his bust and also stood up for the unclean, useless point it was.

Horus involved him as well as cupped his face in his hands, looking into his eyes with a strength that was practically obsessed.

I need you, my brother, begged Horus. I can not do this without you, but you have to not do anything versus your conscience. My sibling, my phoenix, my hope, wing your means via the darkness as well as resist ton of money s spite. Restore from the ashes and increase!

Fulgrim fulfilled his brother s look. What would you have me do?