Dan Abnett – Crusade + Other Stories Audiobook

Dan Abnett – Crusade + Other Stories Audiobook 

Dan Abnett - Crusade + Other Stories Audio Book Download
Crusade + Other Stories Audiobook

The metal smell of his blood filled her nostrils as she felt a hand grasp her shoulder as well as transform her around. She searched for into Lucius s boylike face, his handsome features spoiled permanently by the jagged twist of his nose where it had been barged in some battle. She rose with a bloodied hand to touch his face, and also his eyes followed her fingers as they mapped the line of his jaw.

What occurred below? asked Lucius, nodding in the direction of the corpse. That man is dead.

Yes, said Serena, plunging to the flooring. I eliminated him.

Why? asked Lucius. Also in her fugue state Serena discovered a passion beyond that which would usually be excited by such an exploration. What stayed of the sensible part of her mind understood the precariousness of the scenario and she covered her confront with her hands as well as began to weep frantically, wishing the start of tears would certainly activate the male comfort response.

Serena looked up via her rips, hearing no stricture in Lucius s tone. Crusade + Other Stories Audiobook Free. Yes, I killed him.

After that the bastard obtained what he should have, claimed Lucius, drawing Serena to her feet. He tried to violate you and you protected on your own, yes?

Serena responded, the enjoyment of existing to this warrior that could snap her neck with his fingers sending out cozy hurries of enjoyment with her entire body.

I met him in La Venice, and also he claimed he wished to see a few of my work, she wheezed, already knowing that Lucius would not detain her or otherwise call her to represent the killing. It was absurd, I know, however he seemed really interested. When we returned to my workshop …

He turned on you.

Yes, nodded Serena, as well as currently he s dead. Oh, Lucius, what am I mosting likely to do?

Don t worry, claimed Lucius, this won t requirement to go any additionally. I ll have some servitors get rid of his remains as well as this can all be forgotten.

Serena tossed herself against Lucius in appreciation as well as let her splits come one more time, feeling nothing but contempt for this guy as well as his belief that such a distressing event, had it been real, could be ignored so quickly.

She pressed herself from his breastplate and also bent to grab her knife. The blade was still wet with blood as well as the cold steel flashed invitingly in the light.

Without aware idea, she reached up and cut the blade throughout her cheek, drawing a thin line of blood from her pallid skin.

Lucius viewed her impassively as well as asked, What did you do that for?

FULGRIM PACED THE boundaries of his staterooms, marching from space to room as he considered words of Emissary Braxton. He had actually attempted to conceal his unease at the information he had been brought, yet he believed that the man had seen through his facade of indifference. He swung the silver sword in a glittering arc, its blade reducing the air with a seem like ripping towel.

Try as he may to forget them, the words of the eldar farseer kept returning, and also though he had tried to purge the unusual s exists from his head, they would not leave him alone. Dan Abnett – Crusade + Other Stories Audio Book Online. Braxton s news of the Council of Terra s wish for him to explore Horus as well as Angron s conduct only enhanced his worry that the farseer had actually spoken the reality.

It can not be true! yelled Fulgrim. Horus would certainly never betray the Emperor! Are you so certain? asked the voice, and Fulgrim really felt the acquainted shock of worry as it spoke.

He could no longer misguide himself that this was just the voice of his very own conscience, yet was something else completely. Given that the portrait had been delivered to his stateroom, the truthful counsellor in his head had by some unidentified ways relocated itself within the thick paints of the canvas, reshaping the photo to fit its vocabulary.

Fulgrim marvelled at his ability to merely accept this advancement, and also each time the hideousness of the idea emerged in his mind, it was quashed by a sensation of elation as well as tourist attraction that melted his problems like snow before the spring sunlight.

He turned slowly towards the wonderful image Serena d Angelus had painted for him, its uniqueness matched only by his amazement at what it had actually come to be in the days given that it had been supplied to his staterooms.