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Dan Abnett – Honour Guard (Gaunt’s Ghosts, Book 4) Audiobook

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Honour Guard Audiobook




Felix Jaeger needed to agree. They had smelled it before they topped the last surge in the roadway– a heady reek of deteriorating rubbish, raw sewage, burned meat and also stagnant beer. Since they were going through its weathered wood gateways, Felix believed the sight of the place as offensive to the eye as the odour had been to the nose.

Deadgate squatted at the end of a slim valley in the darkness of the spoiled dwarf hold, Karak Azgal, which impended on a rocky renown above it. Honour Guard Audiobook Free. To Felix, the settlements spread of crude, shingled roof coverings as well as filthy streets resembled a crusty brownish discolor leaking down the slope from an old granite cistern.

This was near sufficient the truth, to listen to Gotrek mention it. When the dwarf lords who ruled Karak Azgal had actually quit attempting to win the keep back from the orcs and also goblins as well as various other beasts that had actually resided in its depths, they had actually instead tossed it open up to adventurers, letting them explore it looking for its fabled prizes– for a charge, obviously. Word spread of this terrific possibility and, despite the fact that Karak Azgal lay much from civilized lands, deep in the remote southern tail of the Worlds Edge Mountains, the valley was soon abounding fortune hunters, all hoping to come away with dwarf gold, old tools of great power, and also treasures the size of apples. To service these newcomers, a human negotiation had matured outside the hold. In the beginning it was just a trading post, selling food and also supplies for those holing up, however places to invest what loot the adventurers brought back to the surface quickly sprang into being– taverns, fighting pits, video gaming parlours, brothels, mortuaries– up until it became Deadgate, not so much a community as a clapboard abattoir, made to flense gold from pockets prior to their owners made it out of the valley.

Garish signs assaulted Felixs eyes as he and also Gotrek walked down the sloppy primary street, all repainted on the fronts of the structures or swinging over their open doors– the Painted Lady, the Red Rooster, the Pit of Blood, the Palace– each with its bill of fare below it, whether this were beer, a glass of wine, gaming, combating, or women companionship.

Listed below the signs, barkers in showy garments sang out those very same bills of fare to the hard-faced males who strayed the streets, attempting to tempt them within, while in the street, costermongers, appeal sellers and also professional criers were all making their pitches at the top of their voices. Pears from the Badlands! One fresh for two pfennigs! 10 rotten for one!

A human man holding a banner with a rearing dragon emblazoned upon it was shouting the loudest. Thane Thorgrin Dragonslayer needs you to combat the greenskin menace! Apply at the hold to join his throng. One gold coin each day of battling, and also open door to the deeps for a month. Make your fortune and also conserve the hold!

As they walked past a gaudy pub called the Grail, Gotrek and Felix were confronted by a smiling villain that bowed and scraped before them. Come right in, mein herr and also herr dwarf. This way. Its a long, dusty roadway from the Badlands to the Worlds Edge Mountains. Why not damp those completely dry throats with a few cups of genuine dwarf ale? Or if your navel is touching your spine, we can load you up. We have sausages and also pies and–.

Dwarf ale? asked Gotrek, quiting.

Without a doubt, herr dwarf, said the tout. Bugmans Ideal. Six kegs, brought up via the pass simply today.

The Killer blazed at the man. If you are lying, Ill come back right here as well as feed you the cup.

No lie, good friend, stated the man, holding up his hands. We aren’t so silly as to attempt to mislead those who understand. Undoubtedly, theres another of your kin within, and also he angled obtain sufficient of right stuff.

Gotrek grunted and also pressed with the turning dual doors. Felix followed him right into the smoky interior, browsing warily. It did not look like the sort of place that would serve Bugmans– and also if it didnt, there would certainly be difficulty. It was enhanced in a shabby attempt at Bretonnian courtly design, with arched doors and heraldic tapestries and high-backed chairs– yet the patrons did not look like they would certainly go to home stating chivalric verse at the High Castle of Couronne. A tougher, a lot more scarred collection of sell swords and fortune hunters Felix had actually never ever seen. Neither did the thick-necked bruisers who manned bench appear like they had actually been employed for their knowledge of viticulture.

Are you sure you want to pass away in a town this ugly? Felix asked as he as well as Gotrek stepped around a set of bouncers dragging an unconscious patron to the door.

I wont pass away below, stated Gotrek, pushing to bench. The spider is in the deeps, to ensure that jeweler stated.

Ah, the deeps, claimed Felix. Im sure theyll be a lot more eye-catching.

They will certainly be dwarf halls, claimed Gotrek. Dan Abnett – Honour Guard Audiobook Online. A fitting place for a Killer to pass away.

Not so suitable for a poet, unfortunately, claimed Felix with a sigh, then signified the barman. 2 Bugmans, please.

They had actually first become aware of the dread crawler referred to as the White Widow in the dwarf hold of Ekrund, where they had actually wound up after their accidents in the Black Gulf left them stranded south of the Dragonback Hills. A dwarf jeweller there, Harn Taphammer, had actually told them of it as he was evaluating minority treasures they had salvaged from the shipwreck. He said a human adventurer had concerned him to have a ruby the size of a knuckle bone established into a medallion. The man had no left arm as well as no ears, and also walked with a limp– all injuries, he stated, from the guardian of the gold mine from which he stole the ruby, the White Widow, an albino cavern crawler the size of a hay wagon that made its nest in the deepest reaches of Karak Azgal.

Normally, Gotrek had set off for the Globes Side Mountains the following day. Normally, Felix had gone with him.

The barman set two froth-capped cups down in front of them. A silver shilling each, please.

Gotrek grimaced, incredulous. Youre selling Bugmans Finest for only a shilling?

Aye, herr dwarf. Great beer at reasonable costs, thats the Grails slogan.

Gotrek slid two shillings across the bar then picked up his mug. His single eye glittered sceptically as he lifted the cup to his nose. He inhaled, after that groaned, noncommittal, as well as stuck his flame-red moustache in the foam and also consumed. Virtually quickly he choked and also coughed and held the mug at arms size, looking at it.

Grungni, he took a breath. It is Bugmans.

Felix blinked, stunned, as well as tried his. It was great and also clean and crisp, with a preference that evoked wheat fields and light autumn days, and it decreased his throat like gold light. It was fairly possibly the most effective beer he had ever before drunk.

Just how does a hole in the wall tavern at the godforsaken arse-end of nowhere have Bugmans Best on tap? he asked as he showed up for air.

Excellent, isn’t it? stated someone at his shoulder.

Felix turned. A wiry guy with dark hair pulled back in a braid stood beside him, waving to the barman. He had a nose like an axe blade and also an engaging smile, as well as was dressed in stained, tough taking a trip clothing.

Great, stated Felix.

The mans blue eyes absorbed Gotrek after that rushed back to Felix. A Slayer and also his rememberer, am I right?

Thats right, said Felix. The Grail was proving a place of marvels. First Bugmans Best at rotgut rates, and now this. Numerous guys recognized what a Slayer was, yet couple of recognized the placement of rememberer. Felix was more utilized to clarifying what he did than recognizing it. Im surprised you recognize words.

The man grinned. Ive some little experience with it. He took two fresh cups from the barman, after that nodded in the direction of the fireplace. My buddy Agnar and I have a table by the fireplace. Would certainly you care to join us?

Felix followed his look as well as stopped, looking. At the table the man showed rested a Slayer, staring into the fire, his three orange crests bright red in the light of the flames.


Gotrek looked as well, as well as his brow decreased. Felix knew from experience that Slayers did not constantly relish the business of others of their kind. They were typically singular kinds, brooding on their pasts as well as however focussed on making their futures as brief as feasible. Gotreks buddies Snorri Nosebiter as well as Malakai Makaisson were Slayers, but there had been others of his kind to whom he had taken an immediate dislike. Felix, on the other hand, had never fulfilled an additional rememberer previously, as well as the prospect of talking with someone that comprehended what his life involved was too appealing to pass up. Regardless of Gotreks cautious glow, Felix responded to the dark-haired man.

In any other firm, the grizzled Killer sitting at the table would have been one of the most challenging drinker in the pub. He was old sufficient that grey roots were showing at the base of his three red-dyed crests as well as knotted beard, and his oft-scarred, heavily-muscled arms were so covered with fading tattoos that they were nearly solid blue from thick wrists to broad, bulging shoulders. His face was like a wood knot– so knotted as well as battered that Felix might barely see his eyes– as well as he had a drinkers nose in the centre of it as red and also bumpy as a halflings hand.

Contrasted to Gotrek, however, he was almost weak. Gotrek was the largest dwarf Felix had actually ever before met. Also without his foot-high Slayers crest, he was virtually five feet high– half a head taller than Agnar– as well as virtually a foot more comprehensive in the shoulder, with arm muscles that writhed like mating pythons at his every step. A fantastic red beard flowed down over Gotreks broad upper body to put into a large leather belt, and also a spot covered his missing out on left eye. The eye that stayed was as sharp as an ice-pick, and also as brilliant as the gleaming blade of his old rune axe. Felix had actually understood surging drunks two times Gotreks dimension to mumble apologies and also quietly leave the space when faced with the full power of that fatal gaze.

Agnar searched for at Gotrek as they came close to with ill-concealed skepticism, but his rememberer was all smiles.

Agnar Arvastsson, might I offer to you … He looked to Felix. Absolve me, that may I present?

Felix inclined his head. Felix Jaeger as well as Gotrek Gurnisson, at your solution.

A satisfaction, claimed the rememberer. As well as I am Henrik Daschke, late of Talabheim– and almost every other city in the Realm.

Agnar eyed them once more at their names. Ive came across you, he claimed in a hefty voice. It seemed like hed done away with quite a bit of Bugmans currently. You went north right into the Wastes. You discovered Karag Dum.

Aye, stated Gotrek, and sat opposite him.

I heard additionally that you found your doom, stated Agnar. In Sylvania.

No, said Felix, taking the seat to Gotreks right as Henrik rested by Agnar and also offered him his cup. We were– He paused, not wishing to attempt to describe the tunnels of the Old Ones as well as Albion and all that had actually followed. Honour Guard by Dan Abnet Audiobook (Streaming Online Free). We simply obtained shed.

I keep in mind now. Henrik raised a brow. Yet that was years ago. A long time to be aslaying.

Gotrek bristled. What do you suggest by that?

Henrik held up his hands. Absolutely nothing, Slayer. Only that you have to be indomitable in fight.

Gotrek grunted as well as took an additional long pull at his Bugmans.