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Dan Abnett – Shattered Legions Audiobook (The Noose)

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Shattered Legions Audiobook

Although it has some Alpha Legion action with the “Ninth Serpent,” or whatever the title of the novella was, this book has been the most awful warhammer 40k publication I’ve checked out. The short stories are hit or miss with the same style that ages real quick. This is a collection of eleven (and also not 10 as advertised) narratives regarding the aftermath of the Isstvan V bloodbath and the initiatives of the three smashed Myriads of the Iron Hands, the Raven Guard and also the Salamanders to collect yourself and to try to respond to the progression of Horus as well as his traitorous Legions on Terra. The stories are from a range of authors with numerous (as Graham McNeill, Guy Haley and also Chris Wraight) offering a pair each.

Actually, it is the Iron Hands– as well as the warlord Meduson in particular– that occupies the majority of the stage, with Meduson having the insight and perseverance to adapt and also renounce the Iron Hands’ typical shock methods that they can no more pay for. Rather, they embrace guerrilla warfare as well as hit as well as run strategies borrowed from the Raven Guard.

As usual with collections of short stories, visitors will certainly choose some titles over others. Remarkably, the collection is not only concentrated upon the “Smashed Myriads”. Shattered Legions Audiobook Free. It likewise includes a number of stories where their enemies– the Alpha Legion as well as its cunning and deceiving Primarch but also Tybalt Marr (the Either), among the Luna Wolves’ captains and the vouched enemy of Meduson.

This last tale is likewise an opportunity to satisfy the brand-new Mournival following the Isstvan V massacre, consisting of a particular Little Horus who has survived a murder attempt that is the subject of Nemesis (book 13 of the Horus Heresy collection).

Another merit of this collection is to extend numerous years after Isstvan V and to offer peeks of what took place later on. In particular, the series of stories reveals that the Imperials– whether ruined or not and also despite being surpassed– dealt with right and handled to postpone, otherwise include and hold back the rebels’ advance in the direction of Terra, causing substantial losses on them in the process and also including some daring attempts to guillotine the Heresy’s leadership. What are they doing? asked Julius over the hubbub. Are they passing away?

If they are, then it seems to be an extremely pleasurable death, stated Fulgrim, his eyes fixed hungrily on something in the centre of the chamber. Julius followed his look, seeing that the crawling Laer surrounded a round block of veined black stone, embedded within which was a tall sword with a gently curved blade.

The take care of was long and also silver, its surface area formed like the scales of a snake, and its pommel was established with a winking purple rock that shook off spectacular representations.

They were protecting this, stated Fulgrim, his voice sounding far-off as well as pale to Julius. His eyes stung with the smoke, and also he can really feel the beginnings of a powerful headache as the noise and light remained to batter at his detects.

No, whispered Julius, knowing, but not knowing just how he knew, that the Laer had actually not offered praise in this holy place, yet had been in thrall to it. This is not a place of worship, it is a place of prominence.

Still holding the eagle-topped banner post, Fulgrim walked into the mass of twisting Laer. His Phoenix Guard moved to follow him, yet Fulgrim held them back. Dan Abnett – Shattered Legions Audio Book Online. Julius attempted to cry out to his primarch that something was really incorrect right here, but the perfumed smoke seemed to rush to fill his lungs and he can not draw breath to shout as a strident whisperer hissed in his ear.

Allow him take me, Julius.

The words slipped from his mind as quickly as they were spoken and also he really felt a strange feeling numb cover him, the pointers of his fingers tingling pleasantly as he enjoyed Fulgrim march via the sprawled Laer.

With every action the primarch took, the Laer parted prior to him, removing a pathway in the direction of the block of rock, and as he reached the sword, Julius recalled Fulgrim s words as they had gotten in the temple: There is power below.

He could feel a charge in the air, a breath on the wind that howled around the temple s interior, a pulse in the living wall surfaces and … and also … the cry of launch as a blade slices open up an eyeball, the caress of silk throughout bare skin, the scream torn from the mouth of gone against flesh and the bliss of pain as it takes pleasure in its very own mutilation.

Julius cried out as sensations of scary as well as ecstasy loaded his head, a delirious giggling echoing through the chamber, though none yet he appeared to hear it. He sought out from his pain to see Fulgrim s fingers slip quickly around the sword s manage. A sigh, like the ancient winds of the emptiest deserts, filled the chamber. Julius really felt a tremor gone through the temple, a shudder of launch and fulfilment, as he enjoyed Fulgrim draw the blade from the block of stone.

The Primarch of the Emperor s Kid admired the sword blade, a spectral radiance thrown across his light features by the dance lights that filled up the chamber. The Laer still wriggled on the ground, their bodies swelling obscenely as the primarch increased the burned banner post high and drove it right into the stone he had just drawn the sword from.

The eagle caught the light as well as shook off thousands of fractured representations from its wings, and to Julius the sight was hideous, the light making the eagle show up to turn as well as agonize hurting.

Fulgrim spun the sword in his grasp, testing it for balance, as well as he smiled as he cast his stare out over the hundreds of Laer sprawled around him.

Ruin them all, he stated. Leave none to life.