David Guymer – A Place of Reflection Audiobook

David Guymer – A Place of Reflection Audiobook (Age of Sigmar)

David Guymer - A Place of Reflection Audio Book Stream
A Place of Reflection Audiobook

Wild murals covered every centimetre of the wall surfaces, and Julius stiffened as he saw that hundreds of the Laer writhing on the chamber s floor, the nasty, dry susurration of their bodies the most ugly noise possible. He made to scream a caution, yet saw there was no requirement, for the serpentine bodies were hideously intertwined in what looked like some kind of monstrous sexual congress.

Plainly, whatever power had actually driven the Laer defending the holy place into a manic frenzy did not reach those within it. They stretched in languorous repose, their glistening, multi-hued bodies punctured likewise as the sculptures, and also their slow motions suggesting the results of a powerful narcotic.

What are they doing? asked Julius over the din. Are they dying?

If they are, after that it appears to be a really pleasurable fatality, claimed Fulgrim, his eyes fixed hungrily on something in the centre of the chamber. A Place of Reflection Audiobook Free. Julius followed his gaze, seeing that the slinking Laer surrounded a round block of veined black stone, embedded within which was a high sword with a delicately curved blade.

The deal with was long and silver, its surface area patterned like the scales of a snake, as well as its pommel was established with a winking purple stone that threw off spectacular reflections.

They were safeguarding this, claimed Fulgrim, his voice appearing far-off and also faint to Julius. His eyes hurt with the smoke, and he can really feel the starts of a powerful frustration as the noise and also light continued to damage at his detects.

No, whispered Julius, knowing, but not knowing how he knew, that the Laer had actually not provided praise in this temple, yet had actually remained in thrall to it. This is not a church, it is an area of supremacy.

Still holding the eagle-topped banner post, Fulgrim walked into the mass of twisting Laer. His Phoenix az Guard moved to follow him, yet Fulgrim held them back. Julius tried to cry out to his primarch that something was very incorrect right here, but the perfumed smoke appeared to rush to load his lungs as well as he can not draw breath to yell as a strident whisperer hissed in his ear.

Allow him take me, Julius.

Words slid from his mind as soon as they were talked and he really felt an odd pins and needles cover him, the pointers of his fingers prickling pleasantly as he enjoyed Fulgrim march via the sprawled Laer.

With every step the primarch took, the Laer parted prior to him, clearing a path towards the block of rock, and as he reached the sword, Julius recalled Fulgrim s words as they had actually entered the temple: There is power here.

He might feel a charge in the air, a breath on the wind that groaned around the temple s inside, a pulse in the living wall surfaces as well as … and … the cry of release as a blade pieces open an eyeball, the caress of silk across bare skin, the scream torn from the mouth of breached flesh and also the bliss of pain as it enjoys its very own mutilation.

Julius cried out as experiences of scary as well as euphoria loaded his head, a delirious giggling resembling via the chamber, though none however he appeared to hear it. He sought out from his pain to see Fulgrim s fingers slide easily around the sword s deal with. A sigh, like the old winds of the emptiest deserts, loaded the chamber. Julius really felt a shake run through the temple, a shudder of release and also fulfilment, as he viewed Fulgrim draw the blade from the block of stone.

The Primarch of the Emperor s Kid appreciated the sword blade, a spectral radiance tossed across his light features by the dancing lights that filled the chamber. David Guymer – A Place of Reflection Audio Book Online. The Laer still winced on the ground, their bodies swelling obscenely as the primarch increased the melted banner post high and also drove it right into the rock he had actually just attracted the sword from.

The eagle captured the light as well as threw off hundreds of fractured representations from its wings, and also to Julius the sight was gruesome, the light making the eagle show up to turn and twist in pain.

Fulgrim spun the sword in his grip, evaluating it for equilibrium, as well as he smiled as he cast his gaze out over the thousands of Laer stretched around him.

Ruin them all, he stated. Leave none alive.