David Guymer – Fist of Mork, Fist of Gork Audiobook

David Guymer – Fist of Mork, Fist of Gork Audiobook (Knights of Vengeance, Book 2)

David Guymer - Fist of Mork, Fist of Gork Audio Book Stream
Fist of Mork, Fist of Gork Audiobook

The current dead. The roll call from the High City battle.

The necrologists quit working and also bowed their heads as both captains went by. Torgaddon didn t extra them a second look, but Loken relied on check out the half-writ names. A few of them were bros from Locasta he would never see once again.

He could smell the tangy oil suspension of the gold-leaf the necrologists were using.

Keep up, Torgaddon groaned.

High doors, lacquered gold and crimson, stood shut at the end of the Opportunity Hall. Before them, Aximand and also Abaddon were waiting. They were similarly fully armoured, their heads bare, their brush-crested helms held under their left arms. Abaddon s great white shoulder plates were draped with a black wolf-pelt.

Garviel, he smiled.

It doesn t do to keep him waiting, Aximand grumbled. Loken wasn t certain if Little Horus meant Abaddon or the commander. What were you two gabbing concerning? Like fish-wives, the pair of you.

I was just asking him if he d resolved Vipus in, Torgaddon stated simply.

Fist of Mork, Fist of Gork Audiobook Free. Aximand eyed Loken, his wide-set eyes languidly half-hooded by his lids.

As well as I was comforting Tarik that I had, Loken included. Obviously, Torgaddon s quiet heads-up had actually been for his ears only.

Allow s enter, Abaddon said. He elevated his gloved hand and pressed the gold as well as crimson doors broad.

A short processional lay before them, a twenty-metre colonnade of ebon rock chased with a decoration of silver cord. It was lined by forty Guardsmen of the Imperial military, participants of Varvarus s own Byzant Janizars, twenty versus each wall. They were splendidly designated in full dress uniforms: long lotion greatcoats with gold frogging, high-crowned chrome helms with basket visors and also scarlet cockades, and also matching sashes. As the Mournival came through the doors, the Janizars sported their elaborate power lances, starting with both straight inside the entrance. The sleek blades of the tools whirled up right into location in collection, like going after dominoes along the processional, each encountering set of tools securing into setting just before the marching captains caught up with the surge.

The last pair came to praise, eyes-front, in ideal technique, and also the Mournival tipped past them onto the deck of the strategium.

The strategium was a fantastic, semi-circular platform that projected like a lip out above the tiered theater of the front runner s bridge. Much below lay the principal command level, thronging with numerous uniformed personnel and also burnished aide servitors, small as ants. To either side, the bee-hive sub-decks of the secondary platforms, worn gold and black ironwork, rose, past the degree of the forecasting strategium, up right into the roof covering itself, each floor hectic with Navy team, operators, cogitation police officers and also astropaths. The front section of the bridge chamber was an excellent, showed off home window, through which the constellations as well as the ink of room could be seen. The standards of the Luna Wolves and the Imperial Fists hung from the arching roof, either side of the looking eye banner of the Warmaster himself. That excellent banner was marked, in golden thread, with the mandate: I am the Emperor s Watchfulness and also the Eye of Terra.

Loken kept in mind the award of that august icon with satisfaction during the excellent victory after Ullanor was done.

In all his years of service, Loken had just been on the bridge of the Vengeful Spirit two times before: once to formally approve his promotion to captain, and then once again to mark his elevation to the captaincy of the Tenth. The scale of the location took his breath away, as it had done both times previously.

The strategium deck itself was an ironwork platform which supported, at its centre, a round dais of level, incomplete ouslite, one metre deep and 10 in diameter. The commander had constantly avoided any type of type of throne or seat. David Guymer – Fist of Mork, Fist of Gork Audio Book Online. The ironwork walk space around the dais was half-shadowed by the overhang of tiered galleries that climbed the inclines of the chamber behind it. Glimpsing up, Loken saw huddles of senior iterators, tacticians, ship captains of the expedition fleet as well as various other notables collecting to check out the procedures. He tried to find Sindermann, yet couldn t discover his face.

A number of consequent figures stood peaceful around the sides of the dais. Lord Leader Hektor Varvarus, marshal of the exploration s military, a tall, accurate aristocrat in red robes, stood talking about the material of a data-slate with two formally uniformed military aides. Boas Comnenus, Master of the Fleet, waited, drumming steel fingers on the edge of the ouslite plinth. He was a squat bear of a guy, his ancient, drooping body encased in an excellent silver-and-steel exoskeleton, further curtained in bathrobes of deep, abundant, selpic blue. Nicely machined eye lenses whirred and exchanged in the augmetic frame that replaced his long-dead eyes.