Gav Thorpe – Aenarion Audiobook

Gav Thorpe – Aenarion Audiobook (Age of Legend)

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Aenarion Audiobook

JULIUS STUMBLED AS a silver bolt of power, like fluid mercury, struck his shoulder guard as well as ripped via the ceramite. The creature before him raised up on its hind legs, its incredibly muscled forearms connecting to him as it terminated its wrist mounted weapon once more. He rotated far from the shot, feeling the icy cold of it lower previous him.

Its yellowed skin pulsed a ruddy red on its underbelly, as well as Julius thrust his blade towards the unusual s body as it assaulted. Its rate was remarkable as well as its clawed lower arm smashed into his safety helmet, splitting it open from chin to temple. His vision dissolved right into static, as well as he rolled far from the strike, ripping his safety helmet off as he rose to his feet with his sword prolonged before him.

The monster before Julius slashed at him once again, and he smiled in pleasure at the excitement of battling an opponent that absolutely tested his skills. The audios of fight rang in his ears, and also he could listen to the blood battering in his veins as he danced far from the beast s deadly talons. He spun around one more lower of the unusual s claws and brought his sword down on its neck, shearing its head from its body.

A spray of brilliant, arterial blood saturated Julius as the creature fell to the deck. Aenarion Audiobook Free. The blood was hot on his lips, the unusual reek of it thick in his nostrils, and also the pain in his head felt wondrously genuine, as though he was experiencing discomfort for the first time.

Around him, the warriors of the First fought with the loathsome aliens as they fought through the silver halls of the ship to get to the bridge. He saw Lycaon battling with one more of the magnificent quadrupeds, and also cried out as his equerry was smashed to the ground, his back clearly broken in two at the influence.

Julius created his method via the battle in the direction of Lycaon, already understanding it was far too late for him as he saw exactly how limply he lay. He went down to his knees beside his equerry, permitting the despair to find as he eliminated Lycaon s helmet. His warriors finished the massacre of the ship s defenders.

Their surgical strike had actually been blunted by the counter-attack of the eyeless unusual monsters, however with Fulgrim at their head, there could be no quiting the Astartes. Fulgrim eliminated aliens by the loads, his white hair whipping crazily around his head like smoke as he dealt with, but they cared except losses, surrounding the primarch and his Phoenix metro Guard in an attempt to overwhelm them through large mass.

Such a task was difficult, as well as Fulgrim laughed as he clove via the aliens with his sparkling silver sword effortlessly, slaying them as easily as a male might squash a bug. The primarch built a course with the unusual protectors for his warriors to comply with and also their breakthrough continued.

Though Julius had felt wonderful pride in his abilities as a warrior before, he had actually never really felt such a physical happiness in combat, such a vibrant feeling of the cruelty as well as the artistry of everything.

Nor had he really felt such enjoyment in grief.

He had actually lost friends before, however the grief had actually been tempered by the expertise that they had died warriors deaths at the hands of a deserving adversary. Gav Thorpe – Aenarion Audio Book Online. As he checked out Lycaon s dead eyes, he really felt loss and guilt churning within him as he realised that, as long as he would certainly miss his buddy, he enjoyed the experiences his death had stirred within him.

Probably this awareness was a side effect of the brand-new chemical that had actually been issued to the warriors of the Emperor s Children, or possibly his experience in the Laer holy place had actually stired up hitherto unknown senses that enabled him to reach such dizzying heights of experience.

Whatever the reason, Julius rejoiced of it.
THE HATCH THAT caused the bridge burnt out with a hollow boom, the designed charges taking a big portion of the superstructure with it. Smoke billowed like blood from a wound as Solomon plunged through the gaping tear in the fabric of the ship. He had actually fetched his bolter, as well as terminated from the hip as he charged. His warriors complied with, fanning out behind him as a desultory volley of shooting reached out to them.

A roaming bullet caught him on the shin, and he went down to his knee as he lost his balance momentarily. The bridge of the crossbreed ship appeared like the bridge of the Pride of the Emperor insomuch as it preserved the basic comfort designs of a starship s command centre, yet where Fulgrim s ship was a perfect marriage of capability and also aesthetic, the Diasporex flagship was plainly from a time when such considerations were considered pointless. Dark arcs of iron made up a series of domed enclosures in which the ship s team worked and also from where the captain commanded his vessel. The radiance of the Carollis Star and the flares of the recurring space fight could be seen through the armoured glass of the domes, erratic flashes illuminating the bridge like a fireworks present.