Gav Thorpe – The Face of Treachery Audiobook

Gav Thorpe – The Face of Treachery Audiobook (The Horus Heresy Series)

Gav Thorpe - The Face of Treachery Audio Book Stream
The Face of Treachery Audiobook

Fulgrim made his way via the rain of his quarters and also looked into the image of his very own face on the canvas. The giant in purple armour looked at him from the picture, its attributes, refined as well as regal, the mirror of his very own. The eyes glowed as though recalling some lengthy forgotten joke, the lips crinkled in the bent crease of the hypocrite, as well as the eyebrow furrowed as though plotting some scheme of wonderful shrewd.

Also as he gazed into his own functions the mouth turned as well as pulled at the canvas as it formed new words.

What happens if the alien spoke real? If Horus has certainly forsaken the Emperor, where would you stand in such a competition?

Fulgrim felt clammy sweat layer his naked flesh, repulsed by the slipping horror of the picture, yet unaccountably attracted once again to hear its words, as though they had some silken, siren-like destination to him. As high as he wanted to slice his blade with the paint, he could not bear to see it damaged.

He is one of the most deserving of you, stated the painting, its mouth bending under the initiative of speech. If Horus were to transform his face from the Emperor, where would you stand?

The inquiry is unimportant, snapped Fulgrim. The circumstance would never ever emerge.

Assume you so? chuckled the paint. Already Horus plants the seeds of his disobedience.

Fulgrim squeezed his jaw and aimed his sword at the image of himself on the canvas. The Face of Treachery Audiobook Free. I will certainly not think you! he yelled. You can not know these things.

But I do.

No, concurred his double, I am not. Call me … the spirit of perfection that will certainly direct you in the coming days.

Horus looks for war with the Emperor? asked Fulgrim, practically not able to talk the words such was the scary of what they represented.

He does not seek it, however it is forced upon him. The Emperor plans to desert you all, Fulgrim. His perfection is nothing but a sham! He has utilized you all to dominate the galaxy for him, and now seeks to rise to godhood on the blood you have shed.

No! wept Fulgrim. I won t think this. The Emperor is human knowledge elevated most importantly mistake and also blemish, as well as encompassed all feasible fact.

Your belief is unimportant. It is already happening. Grand points are always rare to weak men. That which can be explicated to the moron is unworthy my care. If Horus can see this, just how is it that you, a lot of ideal of primarchs, can not?

Due to the fact that you are lying! wailed Fulgrim, shattering his fist right into one of the environment-friendly marble columns that sustained the domed roof of his staterooms. Powdered stone exploded from the column, and also it collapsed in a broken stack of splintered rock.

You lose time in rejection, Fulgrim. You are currently when driving to joining your brother.

I will sustain Horus in all points, gasped Fulgrim, but turn against the Emperor … that is too much!

You will certainly never know what is as well much until you go beyond it. I understand you, Fulgrim, and have actually tasted the forbidden desires you hold chained within the deepest, darkest recesses of your heart. Better to murder a baby in its cradle than registered nurse an unacted upon wish.
No, stated Fulgrim, elevating his bloodied hand to his temple. I won t pay attention to you.

Reveal on your own to your inmost worry, Fulgrim. Afterwards, concern has no power as well as the worry of liberty reduces and also disappears. You will certainly be totally free.

Free? wept Fulgrim. Dishonesty is not flexibility, it is damnation.

Damnation? No! It is freedom and unfettered liberty to discover all that is and all that can be! Horus has actually seen past the veil of this mortal flesh you call life and found out the fact of your existence. He is privy to the tricks of the Ancients, and also just he can assist you towards perfection.
THE SHIPS OF the 63rd Expedition drifted like a college of silver fish above the twin worlds of the Auretian Technocracy. Sharing a common moon, the room over them was alive with digital babble as the Warmaster s pressures prosecuted the battle below. Gav Thorpe – The Face of Treachery Audio Book Online. Trashed interactions satellites were particles in the upper atmosphere, and what continued to be of the Auretian screens had actually long since plunged as fiery meteors to the planet s surface area.

Fulgrim watched the sluggish drift of the Warmaster s ships above the 2nd world, their attention chosen the conflict surging below instead of their rear protections. He grinned as he became aware that, if he was clever, he might capture his brother unawares.

Reduce to one-quarter flank speed, purchased Fulgrim. All active systems to passive.