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Hand of Darkness Audiobook

So an unusual battle is a delight to me, the Warmaster continued, still smiling. A clear and simple enemy. A possibility to wage war without restraint, remorse or regret. Allow us go and be warriors for some time, pure and also unmixed.

Listen to, listen to! sobbed the old Iacton Qruze, workaday and also sober, clearly troubled by Torgaddon s continuous levity. The other nine were extra modest in their assent.

Horus led them out of the sanctum onto the strategium deck, the 4 captains of the Mournival as well as the company commanders: Sedirae of the Thirteenth, Qruze of the Third, Targost of the Seventh, Marr of the Eighteenth, Moy of the Nineteenth, and Goshen of the Twenty-Fifth.

Let s have tactical, the Warmaster claimed.

Maloghurst was waiting, ready. As he moved with his control stick, comprehensive hololithic pictures sparkled into location over the dais. Hand of Darkness Audiobook Free. They showed a basic account of the system, with orbital paths defined, and also the placement as well as movement of tracked vessels. Horus gazed up at the hololithic graphics as well as reached out. Actuator sensors developed right into the fingertips of his onslaughts enabled him to turn the hololithic screen and bring specific sectors into magnifying. Twenty-nine craft, he claimed. I assumed the 140th was eighteen vessels strong?

So we were informed, lord, Maloghurst responded. As soon as they had gotten out of the sanctum, they had actually begun conversing in Cthonic, so as to preserve tactical confidence whilst in range of the bridge workers. Though Horus had not been elevated on Cthonia– uncommonly, for a primarch, he had actually not developed on the cradle-world of his Myriad– he talked it with complete confidence. Actually, he talked it with the particular difficult palatal side as well as harsh vowels of a Western Hemispheric ganger, the commonest as well as roughest of Cthonia s feral castes. It had actually always entertained Loken to hear that accent. Beforehand, he had assumed it was since that s how the Warmaster had actually discovered it, from simply such a speaker, however he doubted that currently. Horus never did anything by crash. Loken believed that the Warmaster s rough Cthonic accent was an intentional affectation to ensure that he would appear, to the men, as truthful and also low-born as any of them.

Maloghurst had actually gotten in touch with a data-slate supplied by a waiting deck officer. I validate the 140th Expedition was offered a complement of eighteen vessels.

Then what are these others? asked Aximand. Enemy ships?

We re awaiting sensing unit account evaluation, captain, Maloghurst replied, and also there has been no action to our signals yet.

Tell Master Comnenus to be … more emphatic, the Warmaster told his equerry.

Should I instruct him to develop our components into a battle line, lord? Maloghurst asked.

I ll consider it, the Warmaster stated. Maloghurst hopped away down the system actions onto the main bridge to talk to Boas Comnenus.

Should we form a battle line? Horus asked his commanders.

Could the added accounts be alien vessels? Qruze wondered.
It doesn t resemble a battle spread, Iacton, Aximand responded, and Frome said nothing about opponent vessels.

No, no, that s the Misericord. And also what s this about? Horus leaned forwards, and also ran his fingers across the difficult light display. It resembles … music. Something like music. Who s transmitting songs?

Outstation relays, Abaddon stated, researching his own data-slate. Signs. Gav Thorpe – Hand of Darkness Audio Book Online. The 140th reported thirty beacons in the system grid. Xenos. Their broadcasts are duplicating and also untranslatable.

Actually? They have no ships, yet they have outstation beacons? Horus connected and also transformed the display screen to a close failure of scatter patterns. This is untranslatable?

So the 140th claimed, claimed Abaddon.

Have we taken their word for that? asked the Warmaster.
You stated it resembles songs, sir, Loken repeated. A fascinating word to pick.

The Warmaster shrugged. It s mathematical, yet there s a consecutive rhythm to it. It s not random. Music and also mathematics, Garviel. Two sides of a coin. This is intentionally structured. Lord knows which pinhead in the 140th Fleet determined this was untranslatable.
Loken responded. You see that, simply by taking a look at it? he asked.

Isn t it apparent? Horus responded.

Maloghurst returned. Master Comnenus validates all contacts are Imperial, he claimed, holding up an additional wafer slip of print out. Various other units have actually been arriving these last few weeks, in response to the calls for aid. A lot of them are Imperial army conveyances en route to Carollis Star, yet the large vessel is the Proudheart. 3rd Myriad, the Emperor s Children. A complete business, under the command opportunity of Lord Leader Eidolon.