Guy Haley – Duty Waits Audiobook

Guy Haley – Duty Waits Audiobook (The Horus Heresy Series)

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Duty Waits Audiobook

THE LORD OF the Emperor s Children set out at his enemies with mighty strokes of his sword, each dreadful blow slaying among the Laer. None might stand versus him and live, so when the traitorous idea emerged that this fight was not going according to plan, it came like an assassin in the evening.

His Phoenix metro Guard battled like the heroes they were, golden blades killing anything that risked come within range of their dangerous halberds, as well as brave Thestis valiantly held the Myriad conventional high, chopping apart any enemies that came near him with his lengthy blade. Duty Waits Audiobook Free. Around them, Laer were passing away, lower by harmful sword strikes or gunned down by disciplined, precisely aimed bolter fire. A strange pink musk drifted across the combat zone and also clung to his ankle joints, its scent great smelling and also not at all unpleasant. The screams of the towers hushed the screeches of the Laer, and Fulgrim might not keep in mind an extra frenetic combat zone.

He had never ever prior to seasoned such a trouble of colour as well as noise, and also what purpose it served, he might not fathom. The rearing temple appeared to be the centre of the cacophony. Splits in its material, like home windows, were the resource of the loudest howling, and from them even more of the pink musk permeated into the air. The structure was probably three hundred metres before him, yet without even more of his warriors, he saw that it might also have been three hundred light years.

An additional treacherous idea involved him as his sword clove a Laer warrior from head to tail, that perhaps they had actually been drawn into this hellish valley deliberately. The pink coral reefs of its wall surfaces and also the jagged spires that lined the ridges of its top reminded him of a plant he had seen in the humid swamps of Twenty-Eight 2 that delighted in the fantastic humming pests of the jungles by tempting them into its leafy jaws before snapping closed and absorbing them.

Just the warriors that had accompanied him on the Firebird battled with him, and though they dealt with bravely, they were being dragged down one at a time, and such a price of attrition might have only one outcome. He scanned the inclines of the valley for any indicator of his battle business. He punched the air as he saw Julius Kaesoron as well as the warriors of the Very first fighting their means via journalism of crawling, screeching Laer warriors towards him.

Terminator armour offered each warrior the strength and power of a container, and though Fulgrim had actually hated these inelegant matches of armour at first sight, his heart jumped to see them currently.

See currently the magnificent First! screamed Fulgrim. Push on my bros, push on!

Bro Thestis rose onward, holding the Myriad criterion with one hand as well as cutting his method via the Laer with his sword. Fulgrim jumped to join him, securing his devoted basic bearer s flank as the Phoenix Guard rallied to the banner.

Comply with the Phoenician! Julius Kaesoron screamed, behind him, and also Fulgrim laughed with the sheer joy and also creativity of the battling as the warriors of the First bumped the Laer. Guy Haley – Duty Waits Audio Book Online. Dispenser Fabius had actually stated that the Laer were chemically changed to move towards perfection, but they were a bad shadow of the excellence embodied by his Myriad.

As he punched his fist via a Laer warrior s skull, Fulgrim tried to picture what elevations he and his warriors might scale were they to embark on a comparable path, and also how pleased his papa would certainly be when he saw what wonders as well as wonders they had functioned.

A hissing Laer warrior hacked its weapon into the shoulder guard of his armour, the blade gliding clear and also its suggestion racking up a line across his gold helm. Fulgrim cried out, more in surprise than pain, and also propelled his sword via the alien s jaws.

He forced himself to concentrate on the battling and not the magnificences the future held, seeing that yet more of his warriors were pushing into the valley via burrow openings in the reefs. He resented their lateness, for his plan had actually asked for a frustrating strike supplied to this holy place in perfect concert. Someplace points had gone awry as well as a lot of his warriors had been postponed. The sudden idea troubled him considerably as well as his mood darkened.

As an increasing number of Emperor s Children poured into the valley, Fulgrim and the Myriad banner pushed much deeper into the frenzied rankings of the Laer, the holy place now tantalisingly close. A flaring sheet of green fire shot out as well as Fulgrim threw himself sideways. He felt the warm of the unusual tool, yet brushed off the discomfort where it had captured him, and relied on face the threat. The Phoenix Guard had actually currently slaughtered his assaulter.