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Guy Haley – Hunter’s Moon Audiobook (The Horus Heresy Series)

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Hunter’s Moon Audiobook

Balhaan shouted, Countermeasures! though he knew that any torpedo launched from such close quarters was practically ensured to hit. The Ferrum continued to turn, as well as Balhaan can really feel the juddering fire of the support turrets as they opened fire on the inbound ordnance. A few of the enemy torpedoes would be rejected, exploding soundlessly in deep space, however not every one of them.

Twenty seconds to impact!

All stop, gotten Balhaan. Reverse turn, that could toss a few of them off. It was a vain hope, yet today he would certainly take a vain hope over no hope.

His interceptors would be leaping from their launch rails now, and also they would certainly bring a few even more torpedoes down before involving the enemy forces. Hunter’s Moon Audiobook Free. His vessel heeled difficult to the side as the strike cruiser twisted her bulk quicker than she was ever before developed to and also the creaks and moans of the vessel were painful to Balhaan s ears.

Ironheart reports that it has actually involved the adversary cruisers. Hefty damage.

Balhaan returned his attention to the primary sight screen, viewing the smaller sized Ironheart wreathed in flickering ignitions. Pinpricks of light flickered in between the vessel as well as its enemies, the silence and also distance decreasing the ferocity of the conflict.

THE PRIMARCH S CHAMBERS aboard the battle-barge, Fist of Iron, were built of rock as well as glass, as chilly and austere as the frozen tundra of Medusa, and also First Captain Santor could virtually really feel the cool of his icy home globe in the layout. Blocks of glittering obsidian sculpted from the sides of undersea volcanoes maintained the chamber dark, and glass cupboards of war trophies and also tools stood as silent sentinels over the primarch s most exclusive moments.

Santor enjoyed as Ferrus Claw stood almost nude prior to him, his slaves washing his iron hard flesh as well as applying oils before scuffing him clean with razor edged knives. As each shining, fueled oil arm or leg was ended up, his armourers would apply the layers of his fight armour, shining black plates of sleek ceramite that had actually been crafted by Master Adept Malevolus of Mars.

Tell me once more, equerry Santor, started the primarch, his voice gruff and also loaded with the molten fury of a Medusan volcano. Exactly how is it that a seasoned captain like Balhaan had the ability to shed three vessels as well as not handle to reduce one of our opponent s?

It appears he was lured right into an ambush, said Santor, correcting his back as he spoke. To function as Very first Captain of the Iron Hands and also equerry to the Primarch of the Iron Hands was the best honour of his life, and while he delighted in every minute invested with his precious leader, there were moments when the potential of his temper was like the unpredictable core of their house, unpredictable as well as frightening.

An ambush? snarled Ferrus Manus. Damn it, Santor, we are coming to be sloppy! Months of going after darkness have actually made us reckless and negligent. It will certainly not stand.

Ferrus Claw towered above his servants, his knotted flesh pale as though sculpted from the heart of a glacier. Scars crossed his skin from the wounds he had absorbed battle, for the Primarch of the Iron Hands was never ever one to shirk from leading his warriors by example. His close cropped hair was jet black, his eyes like glittering silver coins, and also his features were battered by centuries of battle. Various other primarchs might be considered attractive productions, handsome men made godlike by their rising to the rankings of the Astartes, however Ferrus Claw did not count himself amongst them.

Santor s eyes were attracted, as they constantly were, to the dazzling silver lower arms of his primarch. Guy Haley – Hunter’s Moon Audio Book Online. The flesh of his arms and also hands twinkled and also rippled as though formed from fluid mercury that had flowed right into the form of magnificent hands as well as in some way been entraped because type for life. Santor had actually seen marvelous points fashioned by these hands, machines and weapons that never dulled or fell short, all beaten right into form or crafted by the primarch s hands without requirement of forge or hammer.

Captain Balhaan is already aboard to directly apologise for his failing, as well as he has actually used to surrender command of the Ferrum.

Apologise? broke the primarch. I must have his head simply to make an instance.