Guy Haley – The Xenos Audio Collection Audiobook

Guy Haley, Gav Thorpe, C L Werner, Andy Smillie, Rob Sanders – The Xenos Audio Collection Audiobook

The Xenos Audio Collection Audiobook By Guy Haley, Gav Thorpe, C L Werner, Andy Smillie, Rob Sanders cover art AUDIOBOOK DOWNLOAD
Guy Haley – The Xenos Audio Collection Audiobook

The killers did not remainder. After allowing themselves to be restored by the dwarf area doctor, they went to aid the cannon teams obtain the cannons up the stairways and also right into the enclosed shooting system, but they did not work together. When Gotrek signed up with one crew, Agnar joined the various other. When Gotrek asked Agnar to pass him a crowbar, Agnar did it without looking Gotrek in the face, as well as addressed him in monosyllabic grunts.

Felix would have taken this for normal dwarfish terseness, but for the truth that he had seen the killers speaking with each other in the past, as well as they had actually been almost friendly then. Guy Haley – The Xenos Audio Collection Audiobook Free. Gotrek appeared to notice this new stress also, yet being a dwarf, he made no reference of it, simply groaned subsequently and also proceeded with his job.

The staircases to the weapon emplacement were large, however the door was slim, so the cannons needed to be dismantled and also performed it a piece at once initially the barrel, after that the wheels and pieces of the gun carriage– prior to being reconstructed within. Also, the gun ports had actually been secured up at the same time as the archway listed below, so they had to be resumed to make room for the barrels of the cannons. Felix aided with this, turning a mattock to knock the bricks loose, after that took the opportunity to check out one into the Great Hall of the Jewellers Guild, which was Thane Thorgrins selected field of battle.

By the brilliant radiance of the tall work-lamps that beam over the designers and dwarf soldiers that were preparing the ground, Felix can see that the guild hall was a massive room, handsomely embellished in the huge dwarf style. Towering sculptures of towers over in guild vestments held up a curved roofing system that extended over an open floor that aimed to Felix to be as big as the Reikplatz in Nuln. It was longer going north and southern than it was eastern as well as west, with big archways in the slim ends. Felix saw teams of towers over preparing products and also chalking off the dwarf lines at the north end of the hall, while various other cannon staffs put weapons on a veranda above the north arc.

Migrunsson mopped his dazzling scalp with his kerchief and leaned in the weapon port next to Felix, pointing to the arc in the south wall. Thane Thorgrins plan is that we close off all paths right into the hall other than that one. If the greenskins want fight, they will certainly have to come through there– directly right into those guns there. Well leave them no way to flank us or sneak around behind.

As well as from here youll have the ability to shoot into their sides as they bill, said Felix.

Aye, claimed the engineer, smiling. Itll be a massacre. He pressed away from the port. But initially we have to complete closing off the various other courses.

He offered Felix a pleasant salute, then mosted likely to monitor the junior varsity of overshadows who were busy establishing charges in the wall surfaces of the mineshaft.

Less than an hour later on, they prepared to light the merges. The overshadows relocated the carts as well as ponies well up right into the passage to the north of the minehead chamber, playing out matchcord as they went, after that, when everyone was clear, Migrunsson took up the merges and also bowed his head.

Its a sad day when a dwarf need to damage the works of his papas, he stated. Yet to conserve the body, in some cases a limb should be cut. Forgive us, ancestors, for this necessary wrong.

And with that, he touched flame to the fuse ends. Felix and the others viewed them hiss as well as trigger down the corridor.

Felix tensed as he saw the flames vanish into the minehead chamber, awaiting the roofing system to find down on his head, but the blasts, when they came, were remarkably small– a quartet of heel-jarring thumps as well as a billow of smoke and flame that dissipated as it went into the flow.

Henrik searched for as well as took his fingers from his ears. Thats it? Did all the charges go–.

A hefty rumble disturbed him, expanding louder as well as shaking dust and also pebbles from the ceiling, prior to tailing away again. Currently a much thicker cloud rippled right into the flow and also rolled their method. Henrik blinked.

Migrunsson smirked. A true designer recognizes it isn’t the size of the blast, yet the positioning of the fees. He pulled his kerchief up over his nose as well as started ahead right into the dust. Its done, I assume. But finest return and have a look.

The minehead chamber was entirely covered in a thin coating of grey granite powder. The remains of the orcs and ghouls appeared like rock statues of themselves, and the geometric styles on the floor were completely concealed. The Xenos Audio Collection Audio Book Online. The mineshaft site was still there. Without a doubt it had been blown bigger and taller, and for a moment, Felix thought the dwarfs had actually stopped working, but then he saw that all the rock that had fallen from the ceiling and wall surfaces had rolled down right into the diagonal shaft, choking it entirely. It would take days to eliminate all the rubble, especially if one were working from below.

Migrunsson responded unfortunately as he took a look at the collapse, then reversed to the north passage. Well done, boys. On the following.

The following was a bridge.

Migrunsson led them down two levels to a wide natural chasm that cut east and also west for as far as Felix could see– admittedly not really much– and dropped away to a beautiful red line far below. An oven-hot updraft rose from it that had them all sweating in minutes. The bridge that spanned the chasm was large and strong, with statuaries of dwarf forefathers holding lamps set at regular periods along its size, and also stretched from an archway cut into the north side of the chasm to one more arch in the south side.

Seeking out, Felix could faintly see more archways in the sides of the break, and the broken remains of other bridges, all fallen away, before the elevations of the chasm swallowed them in darkness.

This set a bit harder, stated Migrunsson. It would be very easy adequate to blow it up as well as be done with it, yet … He smiled. Id instead take a few rating greenskins with it, so well deteriorate it rather– and let them learn its broken when theyre falling in the direction of the lava.

Gotrek laughed approvingly. Agnar appeared ready to do the same, yet after that fired a check out Gotrek and also only grunted.

What do you want us to do? asked Felix.

Migrunsson indicated the south end of the bridge. Guard that curve. We don’t desire any greenskins finding the surprise prior to its ready.

Henrik swallowed. Er, youre going to compromise the bridge, after that ask us to stroll back across it when youre done?

Migrunsson laughed. The 4 of you might lift as well as down on it from here to Valdazet and it wouldnt autumn. It will certainly take all the weight and stomping of a greenskin warband on the march to drink it down.

Henrik nodded, but did not look completely persuaded. Nevertheless, he chose Gotrek, Agnar and also Felix to guard the end of the bridge.

Though there was nothing to do but loaf while the dwarfs functioned, Felix located it impossible to kick back. The heat from the lava made him sweat inside his chainmail, as well as the idea of invisible assassins firing on them or orcs raging out of the darkness made the space in between his shoulder blades impulse as if a person had sculpted a target there with a poisoned thorn. For more than a hr, he not did anything but pace as well as examine his weapons and enjoy Migrunsson as well as his staff don harnesses as well as drop over the sides of the bridge to try the network of stone supports that made up its understructure.

Gotrek seemed entirely soaked up with the procedure, viewing with arms folded up as well as solitary eye intent. Agnar enjoyed as well– though he stood as much from Gotrek as he might handle– yet Henrik quickly grew bored, and once more started to sing his recurring little melody while looking into the darkness of the passage.

Felix ground his teeth and also attempted to shut out the tune, yet Gotrek was not so courteous.

Do you have do to that? he asked over his shoulder.

Henrik sniffed. I only do it when Im anxious.

So, constantly after that, stated Gotrek, and reversed to watching the designers.

Youll take that back, Gotrek Gurnisson, claimed Agnar, blazing at him.

Felix turned, cautious. Currently what?

No one dishonors my rememberer, grumbled Agnar. His voice was slurring a little with beverage and rage. Particularly not a deceptive doom-stealer like you, Gurnisson.

Gotrek elevated an eyebrow. Ive stolen no ruin.