James Swallow – Age of Darkness Audiobook

James Swallow – Age of Darkness Audiobook (The Horus Heresy, Book 16)

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Age of Darkness Audiobook

He giggled with savage happiness as he picked himself up from the ground, his armour covered from head to toe in the dark blood of the Laer. He staggered over to the initial alien he d killed as well as wrenched his sword clear as the sound of bolter fire intensified. It took a minute before the fact that he and his warriors had run out of ammo can penetrate the red fog that had engulfed him as he fought the Laer.

He relied on the resource of the gunfire and also punched the air as he saw the distinct type of Marius Vairosean leading the warriors of the Third right into the plaza with pitiless perfection. Age of Darkness Audiobook Free. Gaius Caphen fought together with him and also the Laer reeled from this fresh assault, their rankings thrown into disarray as Marius s warriors cut them down.

Seeing their fellows, the 2nd redoubled their initiatives, and also weary limbs combated on with fresh strength. The Laer strike failed and also despite the fact that their functions were utterly alien, Solomon could see the paralysis of indecisiveness tear at them as they became aware that they were surrounded.

Second, with me! he yelled and set off in the direction of his fellow captain. His Astartes needed no more inspiration or orders, falling in behind him to develop a combating wedge that sculpted via the stunned Laer like a bloody blade.

None of the Emperor s Kids were in the mood to provide grace and within mins it was all over. As the last of the unusual warriors was slaughtered by the overwhelming pressure of Vairosean s veterans, the atonal howling of the rearing reefs towers ultimately ceased as well as a honored silence tipped over the battlefield.

Cries of welcome passed between the Astartes who had actually survived as Solomon covered his sword and bent to fetch his bolter from the carnage of the plaza. His limbs were tight and hurting from countless wounds he didn t remember receiving.

You rose the centre once again, didn t you? asked an acquainted voice as he straightened.

I did, Marius, responded Solomon without turning around. Are you going to inform me that was wrong?

Maybe, I put on t recognize yet.

Solomon turned as Marius Vairosean removed his safety helmet and also drank his head to remove the short-lived disorientation of going back to the employment of his own detects instead of those of his Mark IV plate. His pal wore a stern expression, but then he always did, and his salt and pepper hair was glossy with oily sweat.

Unlike a lot of the Astartes, Marius Vairosean had a slim face, its functions sharp and also inquisitive, his skin dark and lined like old wood.

Well met, sibling, stated Solomon, connecting as well as gripping his battle-brother s hand.

Marius nodded and stated, A hard fight by the appearances of it.

Aye, it was that, concurred Solomon, wiping some blood from the fascia plates of his bolter. James Swallow – Age of Darkness Audio Book Online. They re hard bastards, these Laer.

Certainly they are, said Marius. Perhaps you need to have thought of that before you went up the centre.

If there was an additional means to have actually done it, I would certainly have tried it, Marius. Don t believe I wouldn t have. They plugged the center and I sent men around the flanks. I couldn t have actually let somebody else lead the attack up the centre, it had to be me.

The good news is for you Sergeant Caphen appears to agree with your assessment of the fight.

He s got a good eye on him, that a person, said Solomon. He ll go far, maybe even make captain sooner or later.

WITH THE CAPTURE of Atoll 19, the opening stage of the campaign had actually been won, though the ferocity of the combating as well as the brittle knife-edge upon which it had actually been won would certainly never ever be recognized other than by those whose words would certainly one day be reviled.

Interceptors came down together with the gunships and circled in figure of eight patrol circuits over Atoll 19 in case the Laer counter-attacked, while fat army transporters brought anti-aircraft guns as well as detachments of Lord Leader Fayle s Archite Palatines, who spread out via the atoll in their crimson tunics as well as silver breastplates.

Wide bodied Mechanicum loaders landed in howling clouds of grit, disgorging quiet, red-robed adepts that rushed to study the blazing energy plumes that maintained the atoll aloft. Enormous planet relocating makers and also groups of cutters and also drillers rolled onto the atoll, their single purpose to degree entire swathes of it prior to laying honeycombed sheets of steel to serve as paths for attack as well as supply craft.

Atoll 19 would certainly be the initial of many bridgeheads established before the Emperor s Youngsters were completed with Laeran.