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John French – Dark Compliance Audiobook (The Horus Heresy Series)

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Dark Compliance Audiobook

he Primarch of the Emperor s Kid swung his sword at the farseer, yet his adversary disappeared in a flare of light and his weapon clove only air. He roared in disappointment as he understood that the structures were in truth teleportation tools.

He reversed to the battle surging behind him as a hailstorm of energised bolts spat from the barrels of the nearby skimmer storage tank s weapons. Its initial shots had actually been reluctantly intended, thanks to the existence of the farseer, but Fulgrim saw that no such care limited them now. The prow of the tank skimmed the turf as its pilot brought it around in a tight turn, expecting his quarry to flee, yet Fulgrim had never ever run from an adversary in his life and wasn t ready to begin currently.

Fulgrim leapt into the air equally as the eldar pilot saw the threat and attempted to obtain height. Dark Compliance Audiobook Free. It was currently too late. The primarch s sword hacked through the side of the vehicle as well as tore downwards, tearing through its hull as he offered a bellow of hatred.

The container s pronged front area dropped to the ground and the automobile slewed about, the bevelled side sculpting right into the ground, turning the car over onto its side with an excellent crack of what sounded like splintering bone.

Bright power exploded from the accident in a big plume of light, as well as Fulgrim giggled in triumph. He rotated his sword and also returned his attention to the clash of weapons, viewing as the scary wraithlord got to down as well as crushed among the Phoenix Guard in a large hand. Armour broke asunder and blood fell in a crimson rainfall as the warrior died. Fulgrim snarled in anger as he saw 3 of his elite praetorians existing twisted and also broken at the equipment s feet.

His captains battled with the warriors in bone armour, their swords a blur as shrieking battle shouts loaded the air over the ring of steel on bone. Fulgrim relocated far from the blazing wreckage of the storage tank, his sword focused on the gold-helmed battle device.

As if sensing his presence, the wraithlord turned its head in the direction of him and also tossed aside the dead warrior in its hold. Fulgrim could pick up the ghost within the device as a blazing hunger for revenge as well as knew this point desired him dead as much as he preferred to see it destroyed.

With a speed that surprised him, the wraithlord loped in the direction of him, its dexterity scary. He stepped to meet it and ducked underneath a cutting strike of its crackling blade, rising once more to hack his sword into its slim arm. The blade little bit a fingerbreadth before sliding clear, as well as Fulgrim felt the rough resonance of the influence along the entire length of his body. The wraithlord s clenched fist pounded into his chest as well as punched him from his feet, the eagle stamped breastplate breaking under the thunderous blow. Fulgrim groaned suffering, tasting blood on his lips.

The pain was enormous, yet instead of laying him low it energised him, as well as he leapt to his feet with a wild cry of exultation. His wreath hung damaged over his face as well as he tore it clear, tearing out his plaits and smearing the powder and also oils throughout his face.

Looking even more like a feral savage than the Primarch of the Emperor s Kid, Fulgrim once more released himself at the wraithlord. Its big sword lowered in the direction of him, however he elevated his own blade as well as both met in a savage rumbling of metal and also fire. The purple gem in the pommel of Fulgrim s sword flared, as well as the wraithlord s blade blew up in a shower of bone fragments.

Fulgrim pushed his assault as the wraithlord reeled, and turned his sword in a homicidal, two-handed swing at its legs. He roared as the blade smashed into its knee and tore via the joint with a squealing growl of pleasure. Rippling coils of energy whipped from the injury as the excellent war device guided for the briefest moment before crashing to the ground.
Currently complete it! John French – Dark Compliance Audio Book Online. Damage what lies within its head as well as it will endure a fate past death!

Fulgrim leapt in addition to the straggling machine, shattering his clenched fist right into the smooth shine of its golden face with a deafening rallying cry. The surface split and split under the force of his impact and also he really felt blood derive from his hand. He overlooked the discomfort as well as hammered his clenched fist versus its head time and again, feeling the surface area of the machine s carapace-like skull yield to his angry attack. It attempted to rise and also hurl him from its body, however he lashed out with his sword, the blade hacking off its massive fist with a simplicity that had appeared impossible only moments before.