John French – Riven Audiobook

John French – Riven Audiobook

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Riven Audiobook

What occurred right here? asked Lucius, nodding in the direction of the remains. That man is dead.

Yes, said Serena, slumping to the flooring. I killed him.

Why? asked Lucius. Also in her fugue state Serena discovered an interest past that which would normally be aroused by such a discovery. What stayed of the rational part of her mind recognized the precariousness of the circumstance as well as she covered her confront with her hands and also began to weep frantically, hoping the onset of tears would cause the male comfort reaction.

Serena searched for via her rips, hearing no condemnation in Lucius s tone. Yes, I eliminated him.

Then the bastard got what he should have, claimed Lucius, pulling Serena to her feet. Riven Audiobook Free. He tried to breach you and also you protected on your own, yes?

Serena nodded, the euphoria of lying to this warrior who might break her neck with his fingers sending cozy hurries of satisfaction through her entire body.

I met him in La Venice, as well as he claimed he intended to see several of my job, she wheezed, already knowing that Lucius would not jail her or otherwise call her to represent the killing. It was crazy, I recognize, but he appeared truly interested. When we went back to my studio …

He activated you.

Yes, responded Serena, and currently he s dead. Oh, Lucius, what am I mosting likely to do?

Don t concern, claimed Lucius, this won t demand to go any type of better. I ll have some servitors throw away his remains as well as this can all be ignored.

Serena threw herself against Lucius in thankfulness as well as allow her tears come again, really feeling only contempt for this man and his belief that such a traumatic event, had it been real, could be forgotten so easily.

She pressed herself from his breastplate and curved to get her knife. The blade was still damp with blood and the cold steel glittered invitingly in the light.

Without conscious thought, she rose and sliced the blade throughout her cheek, drawing a thin line of blood from her pallid skin.

Lucius viewed her impassively and asked, What did you do that for?
FULGRIM PACED THE boundaries of his staterooms, marching from room to room as he contemplated words of Emissary Braxton. John French – Riven Audio Book Online. He had attempted to conceal his worry at the news he had been brought, however he suspected that the man had translucented his facade of indifference. He swung the silver sword in a flashing arc, its blade reducing the air with a seem like tearing cloth.

Attempt as he could to neglect them, the words of the eldar farseer kept returning, as well as though he had actually tried to remove the alien s exists from his head, they would certainly not leave him alone. Braxton s news of the Council of Terra s need for him to check out Horus as well as Angron s conduct only heightened his fear that the farseer had talked the reality.

It can not be true! screamed Fulgrim. Horus would certainly never ever betray the Emperor!

Are you so certain? asked the voice, as well as Fulgrim really felt the acquainted shock of anxiousness as it spoke.

He could no longer deceive himself that this was simply the voice of his own conscience, yet was something else entirely. Since the picture had actually been provided to his stateroom, the truthful counsellor in his head had by some unknown ways relocated itself within the thick paints of the canvas, reshaping the photo to fit its vocabulary.

Fulgrim marvelled at his capacity to just accept this growth, and also each time the hideousness of the notion surfaced in his mind, it was quashed by a sensation of elation and attraction that thawed his worries like snow before the spring sunlight.

He turned gradually in the direction of the spectacular image Serena d Angelus had repainted for him, its uniqueness matched only by his awe at what it had become in the days since it had actually been provided to his staterooms.

Fulgrim made his method with the rainfall of his quarters as well as stared right into the image of his very own face on the canvas. The giant in purple armour looked at him from the picture, its attributes, improved as well as regal, the mirror of his very own. The eyes sparkled as though remembering some lengthy failed to remember joke, the lips curled in the bent crease of the hypocrite, as well as the brow furrowed as though plotting some plan of great cunning.

Even as he stared into his own attributes the mouth turned and pulled at the canvas as it developed new words.

What if the unusual talked true? If Horus has undoubtedly abandoned the Emperor, where would you stand in such a competition?

Fulgrim felt clammy sweat layer his nude flesh, repelled by the creeping horror of the picture, yet unaccountably attracted once again to hear its words, as though they had some silken, siren-like destination to him. As high as he wished to slice his blade via the paint, he can not bear to see it ruined.