John French – Shadows of Treachery Audiobook

John French – Shadows of Treachery Audiobook (The Horus Heresy, Book 22)

John French - Shadows of Treachery Audio Book Download
Shadows of Treachery Audiobook

Book 22 is a compilation with actually good, overall, excellent stories that dig much deeper right into and support previous occasions. This being at publication 22 nonetheless, still has the drawbacks of fractured story arcs, they occur at various times of the Heresy stories, novellas and audio dramas. It is worth a read. I’m reviewing this after reviewing it a 2nd time, and also with other tales continuing past this, it made more feeling.

‘ The Crimson Clenched fist.’ I’m not accustomed to the Crimson Fist chapter, this may be a beginning story, however I’m not sure. It was truly well created, the moment framework is when Dorn finds out about the treachery and also sends hundreds of his troops to Istvaan III to capture Horus as well as the traitors. Shadows of Treachery Audiobook Free. Great tale regarding Alexis Polux, with history and also character structure for Dorn, Sigismund and Perturabo. Composed by John French, the author of Ahriman’s books, so if you’re a follower, select this up.

‘ The Dark King.’ Wonderful story by Graham McKneil, who is generally hit-or-miss for me. Excellent background building for Konrad Curze with Dorn in there as well; this occurs prior to Istvaan occasions (so this can virtually precede Reserve 1 of the series); if you want to review what occurred to Nostramu, pick this set up.

‘ The Lightening Tower.’ Written by Dan Abnett, this tale is additionally about Dorn. We see Dorn’s unwillingness, yet duty to destroy and also rebuild the palace into a citadel. This is a follow up to some memories from the previous narrative, ‘The Dark King.’

‘The Kaban Job.’ One more tale by Graham McNeil, this is pre-uprising of Mars. My greatest problem concerning this is the follow up for the Kaban Job as the collection proceeded, I do not keep in mind reviewing anywhere else about it.

‘Raven’s Fight.’ Among the best Gav Thorpe stories for me. Corvus Corax plays spotlight here, this happens throughout the betrayal at Istvaan V and also would certainly make a great read prior to the Black Library unique novella ‘Corax: Soulforge,’ and also ‘Raven Lord,’ then adhere to that up with the unique, ‘Delivrence Lost.’ Yeah, gets tricky, but if you enjoy checking out the Raven Guard and Corax himself, inspect them all out.

‘Death of a Jeweler.’ Truly fun, fascinating tale which can be checked out before Publication 1 in the collection. Not much history tale assistance was included, however it appears this reveals the leading up to myriad Remembrancers and Luna Wolves lodges. John French – Shadows of Treachery Audio Book Online. An additional story by Graham McKneil, I practically dislike the lodge and also Remembrancer story arcs however believed this fit in flawlessly.

‘Prince of Crows.’ Evening Lords as well as Aaron Dembski Bowden fans will not intend to miss this set; more history building for Sevetar and also Curze. Occasions for this short story are right after the one on one fight between Curze and also Lion El’Jonson, post Istvaan V. Sheds light on the location as well as role of the Evening Lords and also Dark Angels within the Heresy period. This would be a wonderful read right before ‘The Forgotten Empire,’ yet after Curze’s capture of Vulkan, does anyone bear in mind also reviewing exactly how that happened?

Fragmented tale arcs within the Heresy series, yet I really did not knock off any celebrities for this one since the stories are satisfying, and like I claimed, this was a 2nd read for me, so reminded me of what was taking place in the insane plots of the Horus Heresy. I believe this story should have been titled ‘The Primarchs’ rather than what the Black Collection later, or was it before, used for that compilation. Few of the stories are based upon earlier audio-dramas (which I significantly reccomend) and also a couple of other excellent stories that bring the Horus Heresy Age to life.Wish there were more readily available concerning the myriads we really do not hear way too much regarding like the White Scars, and so on. But don’t bother with them due to the fact that the genuine treasure is Royal prince of Crows which tale takes up a third of guide as well as more than makes up for a few of the weaker payments.

If you’re a fan, as I am, of the Aaron Dembski-Bowden Night Lords books this most recent addition to the Night Lords canon will thrill. The writer has additionally provided flesh as well as character to Sevatar, First Captain of the Evening Lords well past the one dimensional honour or evil of faithful or traitor room marines often found in other places. Some other reviewers have actually criticised the Sevatar characterisation, but it remains in keeping with previous portrayals of the Evening Lords. They are monsters, they are dark and harsh and most certainly villains, however they have that tip of nobility as well as a twisted honor as well as above all a dark sense of humour that makes them more sensible and a lot more fun.