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John French – Tallarn Siren Audiobook (The Horus Heresy Series)

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Tallarn Audiobook

The combating had actually been close and also ruthless, no area for skill or virtuosity, as well as each shrilling snake-like warrior had struck right into their middle, where all that separated the living from the dead was good luck. Caphen hemorrhaged from a score of wounds, his breathing rough as well as irregular, though he was established not to let his captain down.

Sounds of desperate battling came from all around him, as well as even as he watched, much more Laer warriors spew from their burrows like curled springs, deadly bolts of energy slicing with the air towards them. Reefs and also pieces of armour backfired around him.

Team, make ready! he yelled, as one more trio of Laer showed up behind them, weapons spitting fire as well as light. Screams seemed from close-by and also he elevated his bolter to fire on this new threat when the ground moved strongly underfoot and the entire atoll took a sickening lurch downwards.

Gaius went down to one knee, getting onto a close-by spur of coral as even more Laer arised from burrow openings. Tallarn Siren Audiobook Free.  A spray of bolter fire from over him cut one practically in 2, as well as it whipped in pain as it dropped. Deafening records echoed, as well as the Laer that had been readied to overwhelm them were taken out in batteries of precisely aimed shooting.

He looked up to see where the shots had actually come from and laughed in alleviation as he saw a host of Astartes dropping from above, the trims of their shoulder guards marking them as warriors of Marius Vairosean s Third Company.

The captain himself fell next to Caphen, the muzzle of his bolter flaring as he gunned down a Laer warrior that had somehow made it through the first batteries.

On your feet, sergeant! shouted Vairosean. Which method is Captain Demeter?

Caphen pushed himself put up and aimed towards completion of the street. That way!

Vairosean responded as his warriors cut down the last of the Laer defenders with grim efficiency.

After that allow s go and link up with him as purchased, said Vairosean.

Caphen nodded as well as complied with the captain of the Third.

ANOTHER 6 OF his warriors were down, abused by the energised blades of the Laer or with entire segments of their bodies provided molten in the heater heat of their ranged weapons. Solomon was starting to be sorry for spreading off his headgear with such a cavalier neglect for interaction, knowing that currently more than ever he required to know what was occurring elsewhere on the atoll.

He had actually seen no indicator of Sergeant Thelonius or Gaius Caphen s lateral pressures and also though the warriors of Goldoara had actually attempted to punch via to them, they were not furnished with the weapons to fight in such brutal close quarters and had actually been forced back by the Laer.

They were on their very own.

Solomon drove his sword via the stretched jaws of a Laer warrior, the blade punching out with the rear of its skull, as well as felt himself being dragged down by its weight. He fought to withdraw the blade, yet its incredibly whirring teeth were lodged in the dense bone of the unusual s skull.

A screeching cry of satisfaction seemed close-by and he went down flat as a hot screw of light blinked over him and also gouged a furrow in the ground. Solomon rolled as the Laer slinked over the bodies of its fellows with horrifying rate and launched itself towards him. Tallarn Siren Audio Book Online.  He rolled onto his back and also hammered his feet right into its face, feeling is mandibles snap with the impact.

The unusual reeled, its whipping tail knocking on the ground and also a cry of discomfort gurgling from its messed up mouth. The noise of bolter fire resembled via the plaza as Solomon rushed over the irregular ground and also shattered his hand into the Laer s face. The force of the blow ruptured among its eyeballs and drew one more screech of discomfort from it. His other fist banged right into its armoured upper body, the bloodstained metal buckling under the attack. It spewed a froth of warm blood as well as mucous into his face and he roared in anger, a red haze of fury descending on him as he got its sparkling flesh in both hands and pounded its head right into the ground.

The animal maintained its keening screech as well as Solomon knocked its head into the ground time and again. Also when he made certain the animal was dead, he kept pounding its skull up until there was absolutely nothing left but a rough mess of sodden skull and also brain matter.