John French – The Crimson Fist Audiobook

John French – The Crimson Fist Audiobook (Stone and Iron – The Horus Heresy Novella Hardcover)

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The Crimson Fist Audiobook

I wear t know, said Ostian, I ve been listening to some rumours in La Venice of some quite appalling casualty figures.

La Venice, tutted Serena. You should know far better than to believe anything you hear because nest of vipers, Ostian.

That at the very least was true, mirrored Ostian. La Venice was the location of the ship the Emperor s Kid had given over to the remembrancers, a terrific theatre in the high decks that acted as an entertainment room, consuming hall, exhibit location and also place of leisure. The Crimson Fist Audiobook Free. Throughout the course of the combating, Ostian had actually taken to spending his evenings there, talking, drinking as well as trading notes with fellow artistes. The currency of ideas remained in full flow, as well as the adventure of remaining in an atmosphere where styles were tossed right into the air and also whacked about with dynamic debate, each time obtaining some strange new type its producer had actually not yet conceived, was intoxicating.

Yes, La Venice fostered suggestions, but when the red wine flowed, it was additionally a hotbed of scandal as well as intrigue. Ostian recognized it was difficult to put a lot of people of an artistic persuasion in one area without creating operas well worth of salacious chatter, some of it most certainly true, but some wildly imprecise, slanderous and also completely.

Yet the tales that had come back concerning the ferocity of the combating on Laeran had the ring of reality to them. Three hundred dead Astartes was what some individuals were stating, however others placed the number even greater at 7 hundred, with probably six times that wounded.

Such figures were nigh impossible to think, however Ostian can only doubt the force of will that would be called for to ruin a whole civilisation in a month. It was definitely true that the Astartes he had seen around the ship were much more sombre of late, but could the casualties truly have been that high?

All ideas of dead Astartes had been washed away as he and Serena got in the departure deck via the magnificent blast doors that sealed it from the rest of the ship. Ostian s jaw dropped open at the large range as well as noise of the area, its ceiling lost to darkness, as well as the servitors and also craft at its back provided tiny by distance. The cool blackness of room showed up with a blinking rectangle of traffic signals that indicated the edge of the integrity field, and Ostian shivered, horrified of what might occur must the area fall short.

Alarming Stormbirds and Thunderhawks sat on launch rails that ran the length of the substantial deck, their purple and gold hulls excellent and gleaming as they were had a tendency to such as the finest studs of the secure.

Wheeled carts snaked through the deck, carrying crates of shells and also shelfs of rockets, gas tankers grumbled, and brilliantly coloured crewmen routed the chaos with a step of calm control that Ostian located incredible. John French – The Crimson Fist Audio Book Online. Almost everywhere he looked, he might see activity, the bustle of a fleet that had actually recently been at battle, the deafening industry of fatality made mechanical and prosaic by repeating.

Close your mouth, Ostian, said Serena, smiling at his awe.

Sorry, he whispered, locating new marvels at every turn: substantial lifters bring armoured vehicles in mechanised claws as though they weighed absolutely nothing in any way, and phalanxes of Astartes warriors marching in ideal action both on and off gunships.

Their companions kept them in line, and Ostian quickly recognised the elaborate ballet of motion that operated in the departure deck, understanding that, without it, this place would be a headache of accidents and also anarchy. Where before there had been an irreverent ambience amongst the remembrancers, all levity discontinued as they were herded through the departure deck in the direction of a towering, handsome Astartes warrior and a pair of robed iterators basing on a platform draped with purple cloth. He recognised the Room Marine as First Captain Julius Kaesoron, the warrior that had actually attended Bequa Kynska s recital, yet he had actually never seen the iterators prior to.

Why are there iterators right here? hissed Ostian. Definitely there s no population entrusted to guide?

They re not for the Laer, said Serena. They re for us.