Josh Reynolds – The Broken Chain (Blackshields) Audiobook

Josh Reynolds – The Broken Chain Blackshields (Blackshields: The Horus Heresy, Book 3) Audiobook

The Broken Chain Audiobook By Josh Reynolds Audio Book Download
Josh Reynolds – The Broken Chain (Blackshields) Audiobook




You have! Agnar stepped in the direction of the killer. You interfered with my fight. You killed greenskins that might have killed me. I saw you! Henrik saw you!

I killed every greenskin I can get to, claimed Gotrek. You did the exact same. What of it?

Felix took a look at Henrik. His eyes were flashing. It was as if he wished to see the slayers fight. Felix flashed back to the aftermath of the battle with the orcs. Was this the rubbish that Henrik had whispered in Agnars ear?

You purposely obstructed attacks that were focused on me. Josh Reynolds – The Broken Chain Audiobook Free. I might have discovered my doom but for you.

Gotrek snorted, dismissive. I didnt stop to evaluate which were yours and also which were my own. I dealt with to kill.

Agnar cut off and also paid attention. Felix strained, but might hear absolutely nothing. Apparently Agnar could, however, for the anger vanished from his face, to be changed by grim concentration. He and Gotrek attracted their tools as well as stepped quietly onto the period, then craned their necks to look up at an archway over them that pierced the south face of the chasm. Felix as well as Henrik tiptoed after them.

The archway was a lot more practical than the ones that covered the bridge they got on, with little decoration, and a torn and turned end of a mine cart rail-line hanging from it like the lolling tongue of some steel serpent.

What is it, Gotrek? asked Felix.

Something moving in that rail tunnel, stated the slayer.

Aye, said Agnar. Gone now however, I assume.

They all stood quiet, however the noise of Migrunssons teams tapping on the rock sustains of the bridge drowned out all else.

Engineer, called Gotrek. Hold your job.

Migrunsson waved his dwarfs silent as well as every person quit what they were doing and strained their ears.

In the beginning Felix can listen to absolutely nothing, but then a faint metallic keening reached his ears, like a person scrubing a rosined bow across a bent saw blade.

What is it? he asked. It sounds like–.

The rails, said Agnar. The rails are vocal singing. Something is coming down the track!

Clear the bridge! roared Gotrek. Get off currently!

The gun teams rushed to conform, but half were still hectic under the period, compromising the understructure, and those on the top did not desert them. They hurried to the ropes and heaved strongly to pull their bros up. Migrunsson fell in with the rest, holding down a hand to transport an artilleryman over the rail and afterwards pulling at one more rope.

Gotrek, Agnar and Felix started forward to help, but before they had actually taken an action, the vocal singing of the rails climbed in quantity as well as a clattering roar contributed to it. The whole chasm drank with the sound.

Felix searched for at the twisted ends of the rail-line. Dirt was shivering from them and they twitched like insect antenna. The grumble became a roar, hushing the hoarse weeps of the towers over, and afterwards, as if the cliff face had thrown up a string of iron sausages, a lengthy train of mine-carts shot out of the passage mouth and curved down in freefall, right at the bridge.

Felix watched in scary as the carts, all filled to the brim with rocks and stones, crashed down amongst the spreading overshadows and punched through the bridge like a massive cannon ball, shattering it in 2. Half the dwarfs fell instantly, dropping away with the shattered stones, or dragged over the edge as the carts snagged their ropes. The others scrabbled to obtain clear, however they had actually done their sabotage too well.

With the centre of the span gone, and the rest of the supports compromised, the remains of the bridge might not stand. As the towers over crept for the ends or climbed their ropes, the stones fell out from under them, falling after the busted centre like sand running out of a hourglass. The artillerymans, the cannon staffs, and also Migrunsson too, attempting even to the last to press the others to safety, plummeted away in the direction of the radiant red line, ropes and harnesses routing after them, their howls of rage climbing on the warm wind.

Gotrek stood at the damaged end of the period, 10 paces out from the wall of the chasm, clutching the railing with one hand, and also grasping Agnar by the wrist with the various other. The old slayer was dangling over the void, his face as grey as river clay.

Gotrek provided him an unpleasant smile. Should I let you go, Agnar Arvastsson? I wouldnt intend to burglarize you of a ruin.

Draw me up, curse you, rasped Agnar. You recognize dropping is not an appropriate slayers fatality!

Gotrek transported Agnar up and dropped him on the damaged flagstones beside him. The old slayer grunted as well as pressed himself to his feet.

Henrik progression to help him. Perhaps Gurnissons forgotten what an appropriate slayers death is, he sneered. Nevertheless, hes been ten years searching for one.

Gotreks brow lowered and also he balled a fist, but prior to he might use it, a shot rang out from above and also a bullet struck in between the three of them, splashing them with splinters of rock. The killers evaded left and also right, and Henrik stooped back towards the archway with Felix. They searched for. The very same spindly shadow was backing right into the darkness of the rail tunnel, refilling as it went. Gotrek snagged up a piece of rubble from the edge of the bridge and also heaved it up after it.

The rock vanished into the arch as well as an angry screech echoed from the hole. Gotrek, Felix and Agnar all checked out each other as well as backed under the lee of the arch.

Skaven, they said together.

Hoy! came a voice. That still lives?

They looked across the chasm. 2 of the wagon motorists stood in the opposite arc, peering across at them.

The killers and their rememberers! called Felix. However take cover. There is a marksman above us.

The chauffeurs sought out, after that stepped back right into the tunnel. One shouted from the darkness. We have ropes as well as fixes. We can obtain you across.

Not with that said gunner above us, murmured Felix.

We shouldnt return anyway, stated Henrik. Thorgrin will wish to know what part the skaven are playing in all this. We need to find them and uncover their plans.

Felix giggled. The method he spoke of it, it sounded as straightforward as mosting likely to the baker for some bread, not making their means via trackless, troll- and orc-infested catacombs without overview or map. You understand the way to their burrow, do you? The Broken Chain: Blackshields Audiobook Online.  A hr ago you didnt assume they were involved.

Henrik raised his chin. Agnar is a superb tracker. If we can discover the path of the assassin above us, he can locate their lair.

Aye, stated Agnar. Ill discover them. Lets go. Theres no going back anyway.

Gotrek didnt move. He was staring directly at Henrik. The rememberer caught the appearance square between the eyes and also stumbled at its fierceness.

You have two times questioned my devotion to seeking my doom, human, said Gotrek. Do refrain so a third time.

Or what? growled Agnar, stepping up to him.

Gotrek looked him up and down. If a pet dog attacks me, I defeated the master for not showing it manners.

Agnar snarled as well as raised his fists. Felix jumped between him as well as Gotrek.

Slayers, please! he stated. Save it for the skaven, eh?

The killers stood nose to nose for a lengthy moment, after that Gotrek turned and also puzzled down the passage. Agnar and Henrik started after him, glaring at his back.

Felix sighed and looked across to the motorists. Return to Thorgrin. Tell him he combats skaven in addition to orcs. Were going better in.

Skaven? called the chauffeurs in unison.

Aye, stated Felix. Skaven.

Extremely well, claimed the very first. If we make it, we will certainly tell him. All the best to you.

Thank you, said Felix, after that lit his slotted lantern as well as began down the flow after the others into the unknown. Well need it.

Felix and Henrik adhered to Gotrek and Agnar as they stumped forward, checking out side passages as well as debris-strewn staircases, trying to find a way as much as the rail-line passage and the trail of the skaven long-gunner. The entire celebration moved in a sullen silence, the recent squabbling suspended however most extremely not forgotten. Felix might almost see the waves of rage pulsing between Agnar, Henrik and also Gotrek. And he was rather upset himself.

It seemed noticeable to him that the rememberer was trying to prompt a battle in between Agnar and also Gotrek, but he couldnt figure out why. As for Felix could keep in mind, Gotrek had actually offered Henrik no cause to be upset– a minimum of say goodbye to reason than the brusque slayer generally generated. The rememberer appeared to have created his disapproval for him in an immediate. What was the reason for it? He couldnt truly believe that Gotrek had denied Agnar his ruin deliberately, could he?

After a great deal of stumbling blocks as well as backtracking, the slayers ultimately discovered their method up to the rail-line tunnel above the damaged bridge, but the skaven artilleryman was long gone. Its spoor, however, was not. Tracks in the dust led back along the twisted rails and its greasy rodent stink stuck around in the air.

In the centre of the area, they found a wide location of overlapping skaven tracks. Some were the typical, slim dewclawed imprints, but some were bigger, with much heavier claws. The prints went back and forth from the rails to the heaps of debris around the blown up smelter.

Rat-ogres, claimed Gotrek, indicating the larger prints as Felix stood up his lamp. The ratkin made them load the carts with stones, after that push them down the rails.

That would certainly have taken at all times Migrunssons crew were working on the bridge, said Felix.

Gotrek responded. They spied on us initially.

Agnar and also Henrik added nothing to this conversation. Henrik simply hummed his annoying tune. Agnar adhered to the skavens route out of the space to the west.

Gotrek fell in close to him, and also the party adhered to the locate a broad stairway to a reduced level, after that via a collection of chambers that seemed to have actually been dwarf clan halls and usual areas– galleries, conference halls, banquet halls– each larger and grander than the last. There was a lot more ancient damage here– ceilings fallen in, wall surfaces crumbled. One room was charred black, as well as the stone pitted as if by acid. Another was full of the skeletons of spirits, thousands of them, all mounded at the edges of the area, as if they had passed away trying to leave something in the centre.

They complied with the smell to an old workshop– and uncovered a scene out of a problem. Between the dusty work tables and also creates lay the bodies of ratings of human warriors, their faces and bodies twisted in perspectives of agonising rictus, and the lights they had brought still shedding. The Broken Chain Audio Book Download. Felix stepped into the room to examine them extra closely, after that stepped back, gagging. Whatever poisonous substance had actually eliminated the men still lingered in the air, and also it burned his eyes and nose.

This just taken place, stated Gotrek, covering his nose. Not an hour earlier. Their blood is still fresh.

Felix crouched and also increased his light, choosing it wisest to make his examination from the door. The eyes of the remains protruded from their sockets, as well as puffed up black tongues stuck from their mouths. The guys hands went to their throats, and some had actually clawed great wounds in their necks in their despair. The blood was still merging under them.