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Josh Reynolds – The False War Audiobook (The Horus Heresy, Book 1)

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The False War Audiobook

Loken pressed past him. The soldier tried to block him, but Loken captured his appropriate wrist in one hand and also turned it neatly to make sure that the man suddenly found himself contorted in a disabling lock.

Don t do that once more, Loken advised, and released his hold, including a tiny shove that dropped the soldier onto his hands and knees.

The space was rather small, and also really chaotic. Discarded clothing and rumpled bed linens cluttered the floor room, and also the racks and also low table were covered with bottles as well as unwashed plates.

Keeler based on the far side of the room, close to the unmade cot. She had actually drawn a sheet around her slim, nude body as well as looked at Loken with derision. The False War Audiobook Free. She looked weary, harmful. Her hair was tangled and also there were dark shadows under her eyes.

It s okay, Leef, she told the soldier. I ll see you later.

Still skeptical, the soldier pulled on his vest and boots, seized up his jacket, and also left, casting one last homicidal consider Loken.

He s a good guy, Keeler said. He takes care of me.


Yes. It s called fraternization. Does Ignace need to be here for this?

Karkasy was floating in the entrance. Loken turned. Thanks for your assistance, he said. I ll see you tomorrow.

Karkasy responded. All right, he stated. Hesitantly, he walked away. Loken shut the shutter. He recalled at Keeler. She was putting clear alcohol from a flask right into a shot glass.

Can I intrigue you? she asked, gesturing with the flask. In the spirit of hospitality?

He drank his head.

Ah. I suppose you Astartes wear t beverage. Another biological imperfection ironed out of you.

We drink all right, under certain circumstances.

As well as this isn t one, I mean? Keeler placed the flask down and used up her glass. She walked back to the cot, holding the sheet around her with one hand as well as drinking from the glass held in the other. Holding her drink out steady, she resolved herself down on the cot, attracting her upper hands and folding the sheet decently over herself.

I can envision why you re below, captain, she said. I m just amazed. I expected you weeks earlier.

I apologise. I just found the second documents tonight. Josh Reynolds – The False War Audio Book Online. I clearly hadn t looked thoroughly sufficient.

What do you think of my job? Unbelievable. I m flattered by the picts you fired on the departure deck. I indicated to send you a note, thanks for copying them to me. Once more, I apologise. The 2nd file, nevertheless, is …

Problematic? she recommended.

At the very least, he stated.

Why don t you sit down? she asked. Loken brushed off his bathrobe and rested thoroughly on a metal feces close to the chaotic table.

I wasn t conscious any kind of picts existed of that case, Loken claimed.

I didn t recognize I d shot them, Keeler responded, taking an additional sip. I d failed to remember, I assume. When the initial captain asked me at the time, I said no, I hadn t taken anything. I located them later on. I was amazed.

Why did you send them to me? he asked.

She shrugged. I don t actually know. You need to understand, sir, that I was … traumatised. For some time, I remained in a very bad means. The shock of it all. I was a mess, yet I survived it. I m content currently, steady, centred. My friends assisted me with it. Ignace, Sadie, some others. They were kind to me. They quit me from harming myself.

Injuring yourself?

She adjusted her glass, her eyes concentrated on the flooring. Problems, Captain Loken. Dreadful visions, when I was asleep and when I was awake. I found myself crying for no factor. I consumed alcohol too much. I got a small pistol, as well as invested long hrs wondering if I had the stamina to utilize it.

She looked up at him. It was in that … that pit of misery that I sent you those picts. It was a cry for aid, I expect. I wear t understand. I can t remember. Like I said, I m past that now. I m fine, and really feel a little silly for troubling you, specifically as my initiatives took so long to reach you. You squandered a see.