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Matthew Farrer – Vorax Audiobook (The Horus Heresy Series)

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Vorax Audiobook

He might hear the sounds of battle all around him: bolter fire, weeps of discomfort, whickering razor-discs from unusual tools, as well as wailing screams, like the sobs of the banshees of legend. He paid them no hearken, also focused on his own fight to the death. His sword pulsed with a silver glow, banners of light and also power rippling along its length as he swung it, every strike delivered with a holler of ecstasy. The gleam of purple light from the pommel stone was solid, and he can see that the intense look of his foe s eyes was ever before drawn to it.

A wild suggestion settled in his mind, and also though an effective surge of rejection cleaned via him at the thought, he knew that it was the only method to defeat his opponent quickly. He actioned in near to the flaming eldar god as well as hurled his sword high into the air.

Quickly, its burning look snapped upwards, the coals of its eyes homing know the rotating blade. It withdrawed its arm to toss its spear at the sword, yet prior to it could throw, Fulgrim jumped in the direction of it and provided a roaring right hook to its face.

Every ounce of his power and also craze powered the impact, and also he unleashed a shouting cry of hate as he struck. Steel distorted as well as an eruption of red light took off from the eldar monster s head. Fulgrim s hand hammered via its headgear and right into the liquified core of its skull, as well as he cried out in agony and enjoyment as he really felt the impact wreck from the back of its head.

The wounded animal surprised, its head a twisted spoil of steel and fire. Vorax Audiobook Free. Spears of red light streamed from its safety helmet, and the molten rivers of its blood blazed like phosphor versus its iron skin. Fulgrim really felt the pain of his maimed hand, but savagely reduced it as he actioned in once more as well as wrapped his hands around its neck.

The heat of its liquified skin scorched his flesh, however Fulgrim was oblivious to the pain, too bent on his enemy s damage. Plumes of red light streamed from the eldar god s face, the sound like a symptom of the consolidated craze and also heart of its creators. An age of remorse as well as desire streamed from the animal, and also Fulgrim felt the aching sadness of the need of its existence pour into him even as it poured out of the dying monster.

His hands blackened as he crushed the life from his opponent, the steel fracturing with the audio of a dying heart. Fulgrim compelled the animal to its knees, chuckling remarkably as the pain of his wounds rivaled the effective elation he felt in squashing the life from an additional being with his very own bare hands and viewing as the life left from its eyes.

The audio of a terrific and horrible thunder constructed, and also Fulgrim sought out from his murder to see a stylish bird of fire carve its way throughout the paradises. He launched his hang on the passing away eldar creature as well as punched the heavens as the Firebird streaked overhead, complied with by a host of Stormbirds and also Thunderhawks.

Fulgrim returned his gaze to his defeated adversary as whipping light and also sound poured from it like the nuclear fire blazing at the heart of a celebrity. The light of the animal s fatality flared, as well as its body blew up in a thunder of hot iron as well as molten steel. Fulgrim was tossed with the air by the yelling surge, and also he felt the touch of its power burn his armour as well as skin.

The launched essence of a god surrounded him. He saw a whirling universes of stars, the fatality of a race as well as the birth of a bright brand-new god, a dark prince of enjoyment and also pain.

A name created from the raw noise old past, a bloody scream of birth and a wordless shout of unbound feeling building into a mighty holler that was a name and also a concept all at once … Slaanesh!

Slaanesh! Slaanesh! Slaanesh! Slaanesh! Slaanesh! Slaanesh! Slaanesh! Slaanesh!
Even as the name formed, Fulgrim pounded into the ground as well as giggled as the Emperor s Children came down to Tarsus on wings of fire. He lay still, broken as well as burnt, however active, oh, how he lived! He really felt hands upon him and heard voices pleading him to talk, however he neglected them, instantly feeling an aching wishing take him as he knew he was unarmed.

Fulgrim pushed himself unsteadily to his feet, understanding that his warriors bordered him, yet not seeing them or hearing their words. Matthew Farrer – Vorax Audio Book Online. His hands throbbed and also he can scent the scorched mess up of his flesh, however all his focus was chosen the silver glow that split the evening.