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Nick Kyme – Censure Audiobook (The Horus Heresy Series)

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Censure Audiobook

Enjoyed it. The story is an extension of the “Know No Anxiety” book. It becomes part of the continuing legend of the Fight of Calth. The major personality is Aeonid Thiel, of the Ultramarines Legion. Before the fight of Calth, he was planner marked for censure for daring to suppose fight between fellow Space Militaries, which was believed to be impossible and approaching “treason”. When that really theory ends up being truth, he rapidly rises to hero condition. In this story he, and also a lone Imperial Guardsman, come to be the only hope for a team of Space Militaries and also civilians that have been captured for some rotten purpose, by some Word Holders. Terrific story. The audio and also voice results are outstanding. An additional top quality sound drama. I enjoy Black Collection, as well as in particular the Horus Heresy collection, and this did not let me down. An excellent tale of an Area Marine having to go the hard way and also a motivating tale of an Imperial person that adheres to. My only actual previous complaint is that there is a propensity for the stars to drop their voices low, not a problem until the history noise surges. This audio drama did not have that problem, so I’m truly pleased. Censure Audiobook Free. I typically pay attention to Warhammer audiobooks as I go to work yet this was so fascinating that I had to close It off or I would certainly run off the road. This tale is well composed though I misunderstood how the codex of the Ultramarines made it into this story because it is base upon the Heresy, I believed Gullimman created this after the majority of the Traitor Legions were push back right into the Eye. Oh well I think I will just have to live, with it.
Total wonderful tale, fantastic performing and also a great method to invest a few minutes prior to walking into job. As another reviewer has actually discussed, this sound virtually seems superfluous to the total story arch, adding absolutely nothing to proceed the Horus Heresy overall. On top of that, taking into consideration there is already a composed collection dedicated soley to Calth (Mark of Calth), it makes you ask yourself why this tale couldn’t have actually been put in that volume as text … The cynic in me, which is increasingly being verified proper, is that BL is merely trying to draw out the series for as much cash money as possible …

Nonetheless, I will judge the story by its benefits, which are several.
The voice performing is excellent, plenty of variety, with a couple of local accents included (especially Trooper Raud, Theil’s Imperial Army companion).
Sounds results are okay, there’s a few klaxons, engines as well as various other points below, yet absolutely nothing that stood out, unlike the Titan warhorns in honour to the dead. The boltguns below do not seem heavy sufficient, and also there was an autocannon at one factor that seemed too much like a reduced quality machine gun …

When it comes to the plot and script: Great storytelling!!
Aeonid Theil is certainly depicted as the maverick he’s made out to be in “Know No Worry”, as well as is maybe one of the most human representation of an Area Marine I’ve yet seen in the series. He’s practically cheeky!
His friend, Cannon fodder Raud, is also terrific, displaying the appropriate balance between soldier as well as human amazed of an Astartes.
Theil’s challenger, Kurtha Sedd, is appropriately lawless.

The “spin” wasn’t anything special, yet worked well, specifically taking into consideration Theil’s love of originality.
And also the ending was poignant the method he became aware that some points weren’t worth defending, yet is left with a ray of hope as he leaves with 2 words from the pilot: Imperium Secundus.
Buy it if you’re a fan of the collection, however it won’t make any type of feeling unless you have actually already review “Know No Fear”. Nick Kyme – Censure Audio Book Online. (Mark of Calth, and also to some extent The Initial Apostate are also helpful to understand the history to this).
It IS a great story, as well as satisfying to listen to. Its likewise now readily available to download from the BL website as a book. As an ardent fan of the 40k cosmos for 25 years I was so happy when they decided to check out the Horus Heresy which is such a keystone to the misconception of 40k. I have brought all guides and also audio books to date and also while Censure is an excellent story I am having to ask myself what are black collection having fun at? Most of us recognize exactly how the heresy starts and also exactly how it finishes so fleshing that out and also placing some of the center bits in an excellent idea. Yet … In censure we have one more tale about Calth and this is my beef with it why is Calth so vital?