Rob Sanders – Army of One Audiobook

Rob Sanders – Army of One Audiobook 

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Army of One Audiobook

AS MUCH AS he despised what they had come to be, Captain Balhaan of the Iron Hands couldn t assistance however admire the skill of the fleet masters of the Diasporex. For almost five months they had actually taken care of to escape the ships of the X Legion around the Carollis system of the Lesser Bifold Cluster with an efficiency that was past even the longest offering captains of the Iron Hands.

That was set to alter now that the Ferrum and also her small firm of escort ships had actually managed to calve a set of vessels from the bigger mass of the enemy fleet as well as drive them in the direction of the aeriform rings of the Carollis Celebrity from whence this effort had actually begun.

Ferrus Manus, Primarch of the Iron Hands, had actually kept in mind bitterly that it was a disaster of their own production that would see the Diasporex damaged. Army of One Audiobook Free. They had pertained to the interest of the 52nd Exploration fairly by accident when ahead reconnaissance vessels had passed through the western reaches of the cluster as well as spotted some uncommon vox transmissions.

This area of area made up 3 systems, two of which included a variety of habitable globes that had been restored right into the Imperial layer with a minimum of resistance. Remote probe ships had revealed the existence of various other systems deeper in the collection with the prospective to support life and, initially, it had actually been speculated that the signals had actually come from this unconquered area of room. Before the order for the mass advancement, the uncommon transmissions had actually once again been spotted, this time in Imperial space around the Carollis Star.

The Primarch of the Iron Hands had right away ordered the exploration s surveyor officers to find the resource of the transmissions, whereupon it was rapidly reasoned that an unidentified fleet of some magnitude was at huge in Imperial room. Nothing else expeditions were authorised to be operating nearby, and also none of the recently compliant worlds had fleets of any importance, therefore Ferrus Manus had actually stated that these trespassers have to be found and also removed before any type of breakthrough might begin.

And so the hunt had actually started.

Balhaan backed up the iron lectern that worked as his command post on the Ferrum, a mid-size strike cruiser that had actually offered faithfully in the 52nd Expedition s pressures for nearly a century as well as a half. For sixty of those years it had actually been under Balhaan s command as well as he prided himself that it was the best ship and also crew in the fleet, for anything less than the very best was weak point that he would not endure.

Named for the X Legion s primarch, Ferrus Manus, the bridge of the Ferrum was plain and spartan, its every surface gleaming and also beautiful. Though there was ornamentation, it was kept to a bare minimum, and the ship looked high as it had when it initially launched from its moorings in the Martian shipyards. She was fast, deadly and the perfect ship to function as a hunter of this unknown fleet.

The hunt had shown to be bothersome, for the fleet plainly did not want to be found. Eventually, nonetheless, the origin of the mysterious fleet was exposed when the battle-barge Decision had come across an unknown collection of vessels as well as intercepted them before they could leave.

To the surprise and pleasure of the exploration s considerable Mechanicum section, the vessels had ended up being of human origin, as well as interrogation of the making it through crew had actually been carried out quickly. This exposed that the ships belonged to a bigger assortment of vessels the captured crewmen had called the Diasporex, as well as came from an age of Terra long since passed.

Balhaan was a keen student of the history of ancient Earth, as well as had actually reviewed thoroughly of the golden age of expedition, thousands of years before the darkness of Old Evening had descended upon the galaxy, when humanity had taken a trip from Earth in large colonisation fleets. Rob Sanders – Army of One Audio Book Online. The very function of the Great Campaign was to reclaim what had been won by the very early pioneers and afterwards shed in the anarchy of the Age of Quarrel. Such ancient fleets were right stuff of tale, for the ships of the earliest starfarers had taken the children of Terra to the outermost corners of the galaxy.

To come across their offspring was stated providential by Ferrus Manus himself.

With information gleaned from the captured team, contact was established with these brothers of antiquity, however a lot to the 52nd Exploration s disgust, the Diasporex had actually integrated many incongruent components in its make-up over the lengthy millennia. Ancient human vessels flew alongside starships coming from a variety of unusual races, and rather than declining such contamination, as the Emperor had dictated, the fleet masters of the Diasporex had welcomed them into their ranks, creating a co-operative armada that plied the darkness of space together.