Rob Sanders – The Ember Wolves Audiobook

Rob Sanders – The Ember Wolves Audiobook (The Horus Heresy Series)

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The Ember Wolves Audiobook

The knotted spires of the shrieking temple towered above him, the vast arched entryway like the mouth of an undersea cave. Big pieces of blasted coral reefs lay spread about, and also ratings of snaking Laer bodies slinked around them, their multiple arms birthing rounded blades, which snapped with blue flames that beam brightly in the mist that poured from the shattered temple.

The Emperor s Children hammered into them, and also the fight was as bloody as it was quick, the Laer combating with inhumanly quick strikes of their dangerous blades. The Ember Wolves Audiobook Free. Also the armour of the Terminators was not proof versus such tools, and more than one of Kaesoron s First lost a limb or his life to their abnormal energies.

With more and more Emperor s Kid pushing right into the valley, there could be no stopping their advancement, and they slashed through the alien warriors that stood between them as well as the yawning cavern mouth of the temple.

We have them now, my kids! yelled Fulgrim.

Holding the shining eagle banner in one hand and also his gold sword in the various other, Fulgrim battled his way into the temple of the Laer.

JULIUS KAESORON HAD eliminated with the fierceness of one of Angron s warriors, the shame of the primarch s rebuke driving him to undreamt of elevations of negligent guts to once more verify his nerve. He had lost matter of the Laer he had actually killed, and currently the darkness of the temple enfolded him as he adhered to the gold eagle borne by his primarch right into the heart of the black coral reefs framework.

The darkness was like a living thing, ingesting light as well as audio as though jealously securing it. Beyond the holy place, Julius might still hear the pain of explosions, the rattle of shooting, the clash of blades and the nerve shredding screams of the towers, however with each action he took, the noises reduced as though he were descending right into a definitely deep pit.

Ahead of him, Fulgrim strode onwards, not aware or unconcerned of the result the darkness of the temple was carrying his warriors. Julius might see that even the generally implacable Phoenix Guard were uneasy in this place, and also not surprising that, for the primarch himself had declared that it was a church.

The suggestion of such things was as repugnant to Julius as the concept of failing, and also the thought that he stood in a fane where pesky aliens had used appreciation to false gods stoked the fires of his disgust. Rob Sanders – The Ember Wolves Audio Book Online. The warriors that had actually battled their method right into the holy place expanded as they followed their leader, swords increased or bolters ready in case some new threat lay within the area that the Laer had dealt with so hard to defend.

There is power here, claimed Fulgrim, his voice appearing impossibly distant.

The Phoenix metro Guard closed ranks around the primarch, yet he waved them away, sheathing Fireblade and also rising to eliminate his eagle-winged safety helmet prior to commending the closest of his bodyguards. Though the Phoenix metro Guard kept their helmets, a wonderful lots of other warriors rose and followed their primarch s instance.

Julius did likewise and also released the catches at his gorget, raising the close-fitting headgear clear of his head. His skin was clammy with sweat, and he took a deep breath of air to clear his lungs of the stale, recycled oxygen of his armour. The air was warm as well as perfumed, a cloying musk drifting from holes in the walls, as well as he was shocked to feel a little lightheaded.

The darkness of the holy place began to lift as they penetrated deeper, and also Julius could hear what seemed like agitated music from up ahead, as though a million demented orchestras were playing a million different tunes simultaneously. A flickering, multi-coloured radiance pierced the grief where Julius thought the resource of the discordant songs to lie. Even at this range, Julius could feel the chilly breath of air that spoke of a much larger room ahead, and he got his speed, marching in heavy, ponderous strides to attract level with his primarch.

As Julius got in the cavern, he really felt as though a smothering blanket he had actually not known existed was unexpectedly drawn from his head, and he slapped his hands to his ears as a cacophonous flooding of feelings assaulted him with a surge of light and also sound.

Blazing light loaded the enormous space within the holy place, leaping from wall to wall, and riotous sound resembled in a deafening rumbling of noises. Fantastical colours rolled in the air, as though the light were in some way caught in the humid, fragrant smoke that snaked with the chamber. Monstrous sculptures of what Julius thought were the gods of the Laer ran around the circumference of the temple, huge bull-headed creatures with multiple arms as well as excellent horns curling from their skulls. Various barbed rings punctured their rock flesh as well as each god s chest was covered in split armour plate that left the best bust bare.

Wild murals covered every centimetre of the wall surfaces, and Julius stiffened as he saw that numerous the Laer agonizing on the chamber s flooring, the grisly, completely dry susurration of their bodies one of the most ugly sound possible. He made to yell a warning, but saw there was no demand, for the serpentine bodies were hideously intertwined in what resembled some type of grotesque sexual congress.

Clearly, whatever power had actually driven the Laer defending the temple into a manic craze did not extend to those within it. They sprawled in languorous repose, their glistening, multi-hued bodies pierced in the same manner as the sculptures, and also their slow-moving motions suggesting the impacts of an effective narcotic.