Rob Sanders – The Harrowing Audiobook

Rob Sanders – The Harrowing Audiobook (The Horus Heresy Series)

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The Harrowing Audiobook

Eldrad Ulthran, Farseer of Craftworld Ulthwé smiled wistfully as the tunes of lengthy dead seers loaded his heart with joy and also unhappiness in equal action. His smooth functions were long and also angular, his intense eyes slim as well as oval. Dark hair swept over his conical, stylish ears, collected at the nape of his neck in a long scalp lock.

He wore a long, cream-coloured cape and also a tunic of moving black fabric, gathered at the midsection by a gold belt studded with treasures and also fashioned with intricate runes.

Eldrad s right hand rested on the trunk of a crystal tree, its framework veined with rushing lights, the tip of serene faces swimming in its depths. His other hand held a lengthy seer personnel of the exact same product as the ship, its gem-encrusted surface redolent with unsafe power.

The visions were coming again, more powerful than before, as well as his desires were bothered with their meaning. The Harrowing Audiobook Free. Since the scary of the Loss, a dark, bloody age when the eldar had actually paid the rate for their complacency and also wild extravagances, Eldrad had actually directed his race via times of excellent crisis and anxiety, but none had actually come close to the great calamity he really felt as an event tornado at the edge of his vision.

A time of chaos was readied to descend on the galaxy, as disastrous as the Loss and also equally as special.

Yet he can not see it clearly.

Yes, his journey along the Path of the Seer had actually seen his race saved from danger a hundred times and more over the centuries, but his view had discolored in current days, the present gone from him as he sought to pass through the veil that had been drawn over the warp. He had begun to fear that his present had actually deserted him, however the track of the old seers had called him to the dome, soothing his spirit and also revealing him the true course, as they had led him through the woodland to this place.

Eldrad let his mind float devoid of his body, really feeling the irons of flesh left as he climbed greater as well as faster. He travelled through the pulsing wraithbone of the dome and out right into the chilly darkness of area, though his spirit felt neither warmth nor chilly. Stars flashed previous him as he took a trip the great void of the warp, seeing the mirrors of old races lost to legend, the seeds of future realms as well as the wonderful vigour of the most recent race to build a fate among the stars.

Humanity they called themselves, though Eldrad understood them as the mon-keigh, a brutal, short-lived race that was spreading throughout the paradises like an infection. From the cradle of their birth they had actually conquered their solar system, and then exploded across the galaxy in a large campaign that soaked up the lost fragments of their earlier empire as well as ruined those that stood in their way without mercy. The large bellicosity as well as hubris of this endeavour surprised Eldrad, as well as he could already see the seeds of mankind s damage lodged in their hearts.

Exactly how such a primitive types can attain so much as well as not be driven insane by their sheer insignificance in the grand plan of the universes resisted understanding, but they were possessed of such rampant self-belief that their own mortality as well as insignificance did not permeate their mindful minds till it was too late.

Currently, Eldrad had seen the fatality of their race, the blood saturated fields of the globe called for completion of days, and the last success of the dark saviour.

Would certainly their course be altered by the understanding of their unpreventable ruin? Rob Sanders – The Harrowing Audio Book Online. Of course it would certainly not, for a race such as the mon-keigh would never accept the inevitable, and would certainly constantly look for to alter that which might not be changed.

He saw the rise of warriors, the betrayal of kings, and also the terrific eye open up to launch the magnificent heroes of legend entraped there to go back to their warriors sides for the end of the world. Their future was battle and also fatality, blood and also horror, yet still they would certainly press ever before onwards, convinced of their own supremacy and also immortality.
And yet … maybe their doom was not unpreventable.

Despite the bloodshed and anguish, there was still hope. The flickering coal of an unwritten future guttered in the darkness, its light bordered by amorphous warp-spawned beasts with terrific, yellowed fangs and talons. Eldrad saw that they wanted to extinguish this light by their actual presence, and also as he considered the fading imagine the future, he saw what could yet come to pass.