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Rob Sanders – Myriad Audiobook (The Horus Heresy Series)

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Myriad Audiobook

The Pride of the Emperor engaged methods directly from a naval technique book, Captain Lemuel Aizel commanding with systematic precision if not style. The remainder of the Emperor s Kid fleet followed his example and involved the adversary in ideal strike patterns, damaging the adversary in effective, elegant breakdowns.

In contrast, the ships of the Iron Hands dealt with like the Iron Wolves of Medusa, tearing their adversary apart in daring hit and also run attacks that saw them damage a lot more vessels than the ships of the Emperor s Kid.

Via the heart of the firestorm, the Firebird soared like the most elegant of birds, its intense wings leaving vortices of flaring gasses in its wake. Like a turning comet trailing banners of fire behind it, the assault craft appeared to move conveniently through the explosions and also spotting lines of fatal gunfire that painted the raging snake pit of the star s corona.

As though knowing the risk the intense assault craft stood for, a pair of Diasporex cruisers changed training course to obstruct it, and as the web of guns as well as lasers tightened up around the Firebird, its doom appeared assured. Myriad Audiobook Free. The primarch s craft twisted desperately to prevent the tornado of fire, however it was running out of space, and each surge ruptured ever before closer to it.

Even as the cruisers closed in to unleash the coup de grace, an inhuman shadow covered them, and the Fist of Iron cruised in between them, a collection of ruinous broadsides splashing from its dozens of gun decks. At such close range the results were ravaging. The initial cruiser was abused as a domino effect of explosions bloated its superstructure from within, as well as it separated in a shower of burning plasma and frothing oxygen. The second ship survived enough time to return fire at the Clenched fist of Iron, killing hundreds of its crew and also inflicting dreadful damages on Ferrus Manus s front runner, prior to it was crippled by a 2nd broadside that eliminated it in a big surge.

Saved from devastation, the Firebird sped with the crucible of fight in the direction of the hybrid command vessel that Solomon Demeter s warriors had safeguarded. Enclose defence turrets desperately tried to engage the Firebird, as though the vessel s team sensed that their ruin came towards them on these wings of fire, however none came close to Fulgrim s craft, such was its dangerous grace and manoeuvrability.

Like a terrific predator settling on its quarry, the Firebird jumped in over the bridge area of the crossbreed vessel and its touchdown claws came down to clamp firmly onto the top hull of the ship. Scorching blasts of melta fire burnt out via the external hulls of the opponent vessel, and also clouds of crystalline oxygen billowed from the ship s inner skins.

No sooner had the armoured plates of the outer hull been permeated than a docking umbilical punched through the softer inner hull of the ship, developing a pressurised path that would certainly permit the Primarch of the Emperor s Children to unleash bloody mayhem on the Diasporex.

JULIUS FOLLOWED HIS primarch and hammered down onto the deck of the adversary vessel in time to see Fulgrim draw his glittering silver blade. His commander rose to his complete elevation, as a hundred or more opponent soldiers, humans and loping beasts that went on all fours, rushed towards them. Julius felt his heart surge with exhilaration as well as battle lust as tools blazed, but Fulgrim regurgitated his sword to send the screws of power skidding throughout the wall surfaces and ceiling.

Lycaon as well as even more of Julius s warriors went down from the tummy of the Firebird, and also he enjoyed in awe as the living avatar of fight that was his primarch billed right into his adversaries. Rob Sanders – Myriad Audio Book Online. Fulgrim s elegance still had the power to make him catch his breath, and also the honour of going into battle with such a god-like figure was beyond measure.

Fulgrim raised his handgun, a weapon with the power of a captive sun, which had been crafted in the forges of the Urals, to let loose a hail storm of molten bolts. Blazing light loaded the hallway, the gleaming silver of its framework showing the sparkle of his shots as they tore through meat, bone as well as armour.

Men as well as aliens screamed as the primarch s shots tore through them.

Spread out! Open fire! he shouted, though his warriors needed no orders.

The very first volleys of bolter fire were let loose, sawing with the ranks of the aliens. Return fire felled among the First, yet already it was already far too late, as yet even more of the Astartes poured from the Firebird and also started the massacre.

Captain Demeter! wept Fulgrim over the vox, poking fun at the large happiness of remaining in battle one more time. You have my setting. Join me! This will certainly be my finest hr!