Rob Sanders – The Serpent Beneath Audiobook

Rob Sanders – The Serpent Beneath Audiobook (The Horus Heresy Series)

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The Serpent Beneath Audiobook

SOLOMON LED HIS warriors from the cavernous area the boarding torpedo had actually punched into, setting a vigorous speed with the halls of the adversary ship to join his primarch. He could listen to the noises of gunfire from all over, as the various other members of his business fought their means to link with him. Erratic fights appeared as the ship s defenders attempted to prevent the assailants from gathering their toughness, however it was a hopeless task. The torpedoes had actually struck widely sufficient, so that they might not include the hazard without spreading themselves hazardously slim.

Warriors of the 2nd punched via enemy protective settings, and the even more Astartes that signed up with the combating wedge he had targeted at the ship s bridge, the a lot more inevitable the success ended up being.

He could see the blue radiances on his visor that represented Fulgrim and also Julius, understanding they would additionally be heading for the bridge. The Serpent Beneath Audiobook Free. In any kind of attack where warriors had to board an adversary ship, the secret was to get in as well as out swiftly, before any kind of counter-attack could be introduced. Solomon understood that missions to assault the bridge of a starship were constantly the bloodiest, for such a goal was constantly the most greatly protected.

Whether it was blind luck or the ability of Gaius Caphen at the torpedo s controls, he didn t know, however they had actually boarded a lot more detailed to the bridge than he would certainly have thought feasible, circumventing the bulk of the ship s protective design. A lot more soldiers would be racing to obstruct them, but with the force led by the primarch and Julius converging on the bridge as well, it would be too late to stop them.

Solomon reduced his breakthrough as he approached a four way junction and saw yet more Astartes in the colours of the 2nd coming from the passage reverse.

Previously, he hadn t realised how much it had actually rankled missing out on the final battle on Laeran.

If there truly were gods of fight, after that they had actually used him an incredible possibility for splendor. Solomon laughed as he sent them a spirited nod of thanks. He got to the side of the crossroads and also eluded his head around the bend, seeing a defensive position at the end of the narrow passage. Probably a lots or two opponent soldiers held a strongpoint developed from white steel barriers, though there were sure to be a lot more men concealed. An automated gun turret was fixed to the ceiling and the barrel of a hefty rotary cannon stuck out through a shooting slit in the barrier.

Solomon ducked back as a deafening hailstorm of shots roared down the passage, as well as blazing traceries of fire ripped into the steel beside him. Sparks as well as fragments of metal flew.

Well, he said, they re ready for us.

He transformed as well as swung Caphen onward, handing him his bolter as he claimed, Gaius, somebody s mosting likely to need to go up the centre.

Despite the fact that both warriors were helmeted, Solomon might pick up Caphen s reaction.

Let me presume, claimed Caphen. You?

Solomon nodded and also claimed, I ll need cover.

You re significant? asked Caphen, indicating the torn metal at the edge of the joint. Didn t you see what happened?

Don t worry, Solomon stated, it ll be fine if I have all of you covering me. Just tell me when you re mosting likely to fire, eh?

Caphen responded wearily as well as claimed, I understand I want command, yet not via you obtaining killed to show a factor.

Solomon attracted his sword, bending his shoulders to prepare for the brutal ferocity of close quarters fight. You ll get command, he assured, but I m not intending on dying below.

Can we a minimum of utilize explosives first? asked Caphen. If it will certainly keep you happy, then of course.

Secs later a trio of grenades arced up the corridor. Solomon waited till he heard the smashing of them landing. Defensive hallways that resulted in the bridge of a starship were developed to be as well lengthy to toss grenades the length of, yet this vessel had actually been made in an age prior to the advent of Room Marines, and all three were tossed with a toughness easily able to reach the barriers. Rob Sanders – The Serpent Beneath Audio Book Online. The grenades detonated concurrently with effective concussive booms that engulfed the protectors in smoke and fire.

Even as the sound registered, Solomon ducked nearby and also ran as quickly as he might in the direction of the maelstrom of smoke and screams that boiled at the end of the passage. His superior senses constructed the whirring of the automated gun as it prepared to open fire, and he pistoned his arms to get as far along the passage as he could before it tore him apart.

Down! yelled Caphen behind him, and he tossed himself forward onto his front, skidding along the flooring and also slamming into the steel barrier.

Bolter fire echoed from the narrow wall surfaces, and also he felt the whip of the passing shells as the air above him was filled with dangerous gunfire. He listened to the explosions of their detonations and also the screams of dying guys. Caphen screamed for another volley and also this time around Solomon heard the crack and clang of splintering metal as the automated weapon was torn from its install.