Rob Sanders – Shadow of Ullanor Audiobook

Rob Sanders – Shadow of Ullanor Audiobook (The Beast Arises, Book 11)

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Shadow of Ullanor Audiobook

He turned back to the battle raging behind him as a hail of energised screws spew from the barrels of the local skimmer storage tank s guns. Its initial shots had actually been reluctantly aimed, thanks to the presence of the farseer, but Fulgrim saw that no such caution limited them currently. The prow of the tank skimmed the turf as its pilot brought it around in a limited turn, expecting his quarry to leave, but Fulgrim had actually never run from an adversary in his life as well as wasn t ready to begin currently.

Fulgrim leapt right into the air just as the eldar pilot saw the danger and tried to gain elevation. It was already far too late. The primarch s sword hacked with the side of the lorry as well as tore downwards, tearing through its hull as he gave a bellow of hatred.

The container s pronged front section dropped to the ground as well as the automobile slewed around, the bevelled edge sculpting into the ground, turning the automobile over onto its side with a fantastic crack of what sounded like splintering bone.

Intense energy blew up from the wreckage in a big plume of light, and also Fulgrim giggled in accomplishment. Shadow of Ullanor Audiobook Free. He rotated his sword as well as returned his attention to the clash of weapons, watching as the frightening wraithlord reached down and squashed one of the Phoenix metro Guard in a substantial clenched fist. Armour fractured asunder as well as blood fell in a crimson rainfall as the warrior passed away. Fulgrim snarled in anger as he saw 3 of his elite praetorians lying turned and broken at the machine s feet.

His captains battled with the warriors in bone armour, their swords a blur as shrieking battle yells filled up the air over the ring of steel on bone. Fulgrim relocated far from the blazing wreckage of the container, his sword focused on the gold-helmed war equipment.

As if noticing his visibility, the wraithlord turned its head in the direction of him and tossed apart the dead warrior in its hold. Fulgrim can notice the ghost within the maker as a blazing hunger for revenge and also understood this point wanted him dead as long as he desired to see it damaged.

With a speed that stunned him, the wraithlord loped towards him, its dexterity scary. He stepped to meet it as well as eluded underneath a scything impact of its crackling blade, rising once again to hack his sword right into its slim arm. The blade little bit a fingerbreadth prior to moving clear, and also Fulgrim really felt the disconcerting resonance of the impact along the whole size of his body. The wraithlord s clenched fist knocked into his upper body as well as punched him from his feet, the eagle marked breastplate breaking under the roaring strike. Fulgrim grunted in pain, tasting blood on his lips.

The discomfort was enormous, yet instead of laying him low it energised him, as well as he leapt to his feet with a wild cry of exultation. His wreath hung damaged over his face and also he tore it clear, removing his plaits and smearing the powder as well as oils across his face.

Looking more like a feral savage than the Primarch of the Emperor s Kid, Fulgrim once again introduced himself at the wraithlord. Its big sword slashed towards him, however he elevated his very own blade and also both satisfied in a vicious rumbling of steel and fire. The purple gem in the pommel of Fulgrim s sword flared, and the wraithlord s blade blew up in a shower of bone pieces.

Fulgrim pressed his assault as the wraithlord reeled, as well as turned his sword in a murderous, two-handed swing at its legs. He roared as the blade bumped its knee and tore through the joint with a blaring shout of satisfaction. Rob Sanders – Shadow of Ullanor Audio Book Online. Rippling coils of energy whipped from the injury as the wonderful war maker swayed for the briefest minute prior to collapsing to the ground.
Now finish it! Ruin what exists within its head and also it will endure a destiny past fatality!

Fulgrim leapt on top of the straggling equipment, smashing his hand right into the smooth sheen of its golden face with a deafening rallying cry. The surface broke and split under the force of his strike as well as he really felt blood spring from his hand. He overlooked the discomfort and hammered his hand versus its head repeatedly, really feeling the surface of the device s carapace-like head yield to his furious attack. It tried to reach up and also toss him from its body, but he lashed out with his sword, the blade hacking off its huge clenched fist with a convenience that had appeared impossible just minutes prior to.

At last the golden helm fractured and Fulgrim tore the wraithlord s head open, revealing a smooth ceramic faceplate, punctured and also woven with gold cable as well as engraved with silver runes. Its surface was studded with dazzling treasures, as well as at the centre of this plan sat a pulsing red stone. Fulgrim might sense the fear emanating from this rock as well as got to down to pluck it from its placing, a climbing shriek of panic really felt in the soul rather than heard. The rock was warm to the touch, as well as fiery lines danced within its depths, haunted shapes and also unusual features wincing within it.